A week of Cake

Ooh there has been a lot going on this week…. and a lot of ups and downs to be honest! There has been a lot of cake eaten too… let me explain… and I apologise if this is a long waffly post!

Mickey Mouse CakeIt started off pretty well, with us celebrating our gorgeous girl’s first birthday. Sadly she had a rotten cold but nonetheless very much enjoyed her party with the family on Saturday. I made a Mickey cake (more Monkey’s request than hers really) and it was very lovely celebrating her birthday and the passing of that first tricky year. The family were all round and it was just very lovely and relaxed really.. with lots of yummy cake eaten.LMs bday

Saturday night I went out with a really good friend of mine and had such a lovely catch up with her over a meal and a good few glasses of wine. One of my very best friends she moved to London a few years ago and while we try and catch up as often as we can it isn’t always easy with family commitments. She was home for the weekend though and we had such a nice time and was so lovely to reconnect.20151024_223340

That night the clocks changed and of course our children woke very early. LM at 5am (not good when I only got in at midnight!) so we knew we had a long day ahead of us, especially after my late night. So I may have eaten a rather large slice of birthday cake at about 8am… just to keep me going of course!! It was our first properly free weekend day in ages so we did what we always do, and instead of having a relaxed day, decided to do something and made ourselves busy. So we headed to Ikea to try and get some bits we needed. We had a really good day but are daft and managed to forget a couple of things we wanted to get (d’oh!). As it is about an hour away and we went in 2 cars specifically so we could bring everything home…. so it was really irritating!

Monday we woke to hear that Hubs’ Grandpa was in hospital. He is 93 and sadly reaching the end of his life so my Mother in law had bless her been woken at 3.30 to tell her he is in hospital and was awake ever since talking to the hospital and his care home. Hubs agreed to take her to the hosiptal the following day to see him after convincing her she needed to rest and there was nothing she could do today as they were waiting to take some tests.

That morning the kids and I met some friends at a lovely soft play centre. We stayed all morning and had lunch there (which yep, included some cake!), but being half term it started to get very busy. With the weather looking beautiful outside we then headed to a nearby park for the kids to have a good run around before heading home.soft play

That night Hubs was out for a meal with work and that’s where things started to go a bit downhill. I decided to read a book and head to bed fairly early. Hubs got in around midnight… then at 1230 we heard some horrible noises from LM. She had been so much better all day but suddenly she was coughing horribly and having heard it with Monkey, we knew what the seal bark like cough meant. Croup. We tried to settle her but she really sounded like she was struggling to breathe. Our general rule is that you don’t mess around when it comes to breathing, so for the 2nd time in our lives (the first being when Monkey had croup and was turning blue) we called 999.

20151027_031802The paramedics arrived and though she had settled a bit by then and her sats weren’t too bad (unlike when Monkey had it thankfully) they wanted her to see a peadiatrician. So around 1am I was headed to the hospital in the ambulance with LM while Hubs called my parents and arranged for Mum to come and sleep at ours with Monkey so he could join us. Thankfully she didn’t need any oxygen but they gave her a dose of steroids which definitely perked her up, and she was charming everyone in the A&E, including other patients! She crashed and fell asleep around 3am and we were thankfully able to go home at around 330am.

Monkey then woke up at 5.50am and we brought him to bed with us but he just wanted to chat and play, and then LM woke up at 6.20! No rest for us! As I had at least had some sleep earlier in the evening I let hubs catch up a bit then headed downstairs with the kids. Hubs had taken that morning off work so he could take his Mum to visit his Grandpa at the hospital. It is all a bit sad but basically it is a waiting game now and he will go back to the home until it is time. The chat with the Dr and talking about it all really helped my Mother in Law come to terms with some of it which is a really good thing.

That day was supposed to be LM’s sort of party with my friends and their children, however obviously I wasn’t sure what to do as coup is contagious. I was especially worried for my friend with a 4 mth old and was gutted but relieved when she said she would stay away. I had been so looking forward to seeing her but just not worth risking her little one catching it. My other friends who slightly older kids decided to risk it, especially as LM was much better and the steroids had obviously worked as the croup cough had now gone.

We had a lovely day and the kids had a whale of a time which was really good. I was obviously exhausted but the company was lovely and they really helped with cleaning and entertaining the kids so it was great actually! I had planned on baking cakes that morning for the kids to decorate as something fun to do but did not have the time in the end so hubs bought some cheap cupcakes while he was out and the kids loved decorating the cakes.. though I think more time was spent eating the chocolate decorations and licking the icing haha but still kept them entertained for ages and we all went out to the garden afterwards to burn off the sugar high!friends here

That night Hubs and I were completely exhausted and in bed straight after the kids went down at 730! Poor hubs though had a flare up of IBS in the middle of the night (not surprising with all the stresses of the week) so the early night didn’t do him much good sadly. I woke at 5am to the sound of Monkey heading downstairs cheeky thing! I persuaded him back to bed but with his chatting to himself LM then woke up within about half an hour… so began the start of another long day which again led me to eating a slice of cake at around 8am!

It was a very wet day but thankfully Nanny spent some time with kiddies in the morning while I popped out to get the ingredients to make hubs’ birthday cake (yep another cake). We then had a play in the rain before visiting Granny & Grandaddy for a bit in the afternoon.playing in the rain

When LM had her nap Monkey and I got stuck in to making the Red Velvet cake Hubs had requested. He always enjoys jelping me bake so we did that in the afternoon and then I frosted it in the evning. Not my best red velvet as I couldn’t get the proper red food colouring, and I think it was slightly over-baked but never mind… it was also very wonky!red velvet

Thursday was hubs’ birthday and we popped out for lunch as a family and with his parents to a little town not too far away which has lots of antique shops.

hubs bdayThat evening they came round for a little chinese and to eat some yummy red velvet cake.

So there we have it. A seriously busy week full of ups and downs and lots and lots of cake!!

Hoping next week is calmer… and containing less cake as my waistline is very much expanding these days 🙂


14 thoughts on “A week of Cake

  1. Aww Caroline what a week, I hope you are able to catch up on some sleep and LM is fully recovered, we had an incident of croup when little 1 was small and it is horrible isn’t it. There are definitely days or weeks in your case for cake and this was one of them, I think you did really well to only have one slice of cake at 8am, I would have had to indulge breakfast, elevenses and lunch on the little amount of sleep you’ve had, hoping next week is better for you x

  2. Wow what a week! We had a trip to emergency with our little one not so long ago. She was struggling to breathe, it was so scary. Kept us overnight and sent us home with no medication and the warning that it is very common and can reoccurring! You deserved every bite of cake!

  3. Wow what a busy and eventful week you have had Caroline! Lots of cake needed to get through it all – the Mickey cake and red velvet cake both look very yummy and Monkey looks like he is really enjoying helping you make them. Love the photos of LM on her birthday. Sorry to hear that she had croup and you had to call an ambulance – croup is so scary sometimes. We ended up blue-lighting to hospital with Jessica when she had it and it is amazing how quickly the steroids kick in with it. Hope that LM is feeling much better now. Sorry to hear about your hubby’s Grandpa too – it must be hard for you all knowing that he is coming to the end of his life and hope that the end will be a gentle and peaceful one when it does come. Hope this weekend is much calmer for you all and you manage to get a little more rest! x

  4. Oh my, what a week! Lots of cake, yes, and you have so needed it. Great to have had so many lovely moments and celebrations. My two have had croup and it is so horrible, isn’t it? My brother used to get it every year when he was little, so I’m just hoping my two don’t keep on getting it like that. Glad LM was OK pretty quickly. Sorry to hear about your husband’s grandpa x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. Oh dear! What a week! So sorry about your hubby’s Grandpa. What a worry about LM. I’m glad she’s feeling better now! It sounds and looks like she had a lovely birthday though x

  6. Oh my goodness! You must have needed 10 cakes. How much stress and ill people? I don’t know how you do it! With cake? Poor LM that must have been so scary. My girlie has an awful cough now and it’s just horrid to hear. Hope hubby is better and you all get some sleep. The cakes do look amazing though xx #wotw

  7. What a very rollercaster-ey week Caroline! I started reading this post days ago but got distracted (see my post 😉 ) part way through and only just finished! Sorry you had to go through all the croup nightmare again but I suspect it was a bit less full on than it was with Monkey (if that’s possible) – unfortunate about the lack of sleep involved but sometimes I think it does help if there is fun stuff planned that you can enjoy at these times (like when both mine got chicken pox on holiday!) as it helps take your mind off things and the company is great! Your posts like this always remind me of why I started blogging and why it is good to take lots of pictures too. LM looks so adorable in her party dress! Xx #thetruthabout

  8. Happy birthday to your little lady and ubs. Oh my goodness, poor little one. It’s scary when they are struggling to breathe. I hope she’s fully recovered now. xx #TruthAbout

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