A lovely winters day

I don’t like winter when it is grey, wet and gloomy, but give me clear blue skies and fresh frosty air and I absolutely love it. I love to get bundled up warm and go for a walk in the crisp air before heading somewhere cosy to warm up afterwards. After a wet week last week the forecast for the Saturday was for a perfect winter’s day, so we made plans to walk over to our local country park. It started out just as us then we thought we would see if the in laws fancied a stroll with us, then hubs’ younger brother decided he would like to come for a bit too.

We strolled over then after meeting up with Granny and Granddaddy had a play on one of the playparks.PhotoGrid_1453220093982

Uncle Simon arrived shortly after and we headed in to one of the cafes to warm up with a cuppa and cake.

My teacup is empty at thhis point by the way!

My teacup is empty at thhis point by the way!

Then it was out for another explore. It was interesting making sure LM stayed away from the lakes as she does love water! She enjoyed strolling along with her family though.PhotoGrid_1453220373293

There was a really funny moment where another little one of a similar age saw LM and began ecstatically waving and shouting to her. They had a little meeting of minds here I think and then LM wanted to follow him and his mummy instead of coming with us haha!PhotoGrid_1453220433587

We continued our walk via the site of roman villa that hubs and I remember playing on when we were kids.PhotoGrid_1453220693786

Randomly there was loads of pretty shellfish shells about (assuming they were dropped by birds but did they get them from the lakes?) some had ice in and Monkey very cutely
decided that they were “baby ice” that were missing their mummy. Daft little cutie!PhotoGrid_1453220742447

We got the selfie stick out at this point to get a shot of us all and didn’t too badly with hehe.20160116140127

By now it was getting toward lunchtime so Uncle Simon headed home and we popped into the other cafe for a bite of lunch and to warm up with another cuppa.

Food obviously tastes much nicer from Mummy's plate

Food obviously tastes much nicer from Mummy’s plate

Last stop of the day was feeding the ducks with LM repeatedly shouting “dah” “dah” at every duck she saw haha. She says dah to other things too but will always shout it at any duck picture or duck she sees so I am pretty sure she means duck some of the time. PhotoGrid_1453221025658

Then it was time to head home, with a quick stop for a family selfie along the way.20160116_131512

20160116_132147A lovely winters day.

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13 thoughts on “A lovely winters day

    • Haha oh we have those too….and I may have glossed over a few tantrums from LM here too haha. Outings are never that perfect here but sometimes it’s nice to just remember the good bits! Xx

  1. Awww what lovely pictures Caroline and haven’t the last few days been gorgeous! I love a bright blue sky and crisp morning, perfect for a walk 🙂 Lovely post and thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  2. Same here, don’t like winter when it’s all grey. I don’t mind the cold, it’s the drabness that really gets me. But when the weather is good, like what you guys had, it’s lovely isn’t it? Especially when spent outdoors 🙂 #whatevertheweather

  3. I love a blue sky and a crisp frost too! And my 2 children are already very outdoorsy, and love a walk! Beautiful photos, I was struck by how adorable your children look, and how gorgeous your hair is! It looks like you all had a great time.

  4. Your LM is so cute all bundled up in her suit and love that she stopped to stare at another toddler. She did so well at no going near the lake, that’sy worry with A, I always hold his hand rather tightly near large bodies of water. There were plenty of photos of me as a child getting my hood held so I didn’t go to close, I fell in a few times apparently! Looks like a lovely day for a family walk.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  5. What a perfect way to spend a family day. It looks like such a lovely place to walk, clear paths, fresh air and playgrounds too, something for every generation. I’m loving the selfie picture, it really came out well and you all look so happy. Family days like this are the ones you remember. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  6. I really need to get a selfie stick. You guys always make the most of days out!!!! You always have such beautiful family days together. LM looks so cute all wrapped up warm. Our little Evie had a moment with another toddler this week too in a coffee shop, she just stopped and started chatting to this other little toddler in baby talk and then they started dancing and playing together. It’s the cutest thing isn’t it!!! Amazing seeing their social skills and personalities shining through. It really does look like you had a lovely winters day out. Thank you for sharing your adventure on #whatevertheweather x

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