Hello Spring

On a beautiful crisp day recently hubs said he thought it felt like autumn because of the clear blue skies, cool air and bare trees all around. But I disagreed. To me it feels like spring is really here, and when you look closely there is life all around. There are buds on the trees and blossom starting to bloom. There is colour coming back into the world.PhotoGrid_1459412901470

I have so enjoyed seeing the sun this week and feeling the slightly warmer air, and that is why my word of the week this week is spring.

We have been out and about a lot enjoying the spring and the start of the easter holidays. In truth I was concerned about the holidays. Because of chicken pox and tummy bugs Monkey has been off pre-school for weeks already and after a difficult half term in February I was apprehensive about another couple of weeks at home together. But the change in the weather really makes it easier.

Plus because lots of friends are off school too it means we get to catch up with lovely people that we don’t get to see so often. On Tuesday we met up with my best mummy friends and their kiddoes. We all worked together pre-children and have gotten even closer since they all came into our lives. The kids all get on so well together too which is wonderful. We all got together at our favourite local farm and really enjoyed all the signs of spring. One minute it was sunny, then pouring with rain then warm, then chilly as the sun went behind a cloud. In essence a classic spring day! We saw lambs and piglets and peacocks and played pooh sticks and in general just had the loveliest day together.PhotoGrid_1459412528962

Monkey, LM and I have also been out on lots of little walks this week enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. LM’s little legs are getting stronger all the time and she loves a good run and play with her brother,and on her own of course being as independent as she is!PhotoGrid_1459412758774

We’ve been out in the garden a lot too doing some gardening and tidying and for Monkey ‘digging for treasure’ hehe. They’ve even played outside with no coat on, imagine that eh? I also got the sandpit out earlier for the first time and both kids adored it. This week is the first time LM has enjoyed playing with sand, she’s always hated the feel of it previously but not anymore! I can see us having lots of fun with sand over the next few months/years! Such a lovely simple activity for them so I love it.PhotoGrid_1459426217779

We’ve had a bit of a bonus too this week in that the spring clock change has changed LM’s sleep patterns a bit and she is sleeping until 7am now. Hooray! Not sure if it is just because it is darker till a little later and so she will wake earlier again soon but for now we are loving the 7am lie ins haha.

We have lots more lovely days with friends planned over the rest of the holidays and I am looking forward to what next week brings before we get back to a normal routine.

How has your week been? Are you feeling like spring has sprung?

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11 thoughts on “Hello Spring

  1. Spring is a lovely word for the week and hasn’t it been nice to have some sunshine, even if the weather is a bit variable at times! Love the photos of your day out on the farm – everyone looks like they are having fun and isn’t it great to be able to have some time outdoors without coats too! Glad to hear that LM is sleeping in a little more too – long may it last 🙂

  2. Haha we have had some 7ams too! Aw it has been lovely! We got out on my day off to the park and was fab. Still need to get my lazy girl to walk more though! Lovely pics xx #wotw

  3. I agree with you that Spring really is in the air now with all the wonderful flowers and budding trees, although with some of the wind and rain we’ve been having I can see where your husband’s coming from about it being like Autumn. You’ve managed to fit in so much fun in the sunshine though and I can’t blame you, it’s been glorious, LM looks so happy to be out running through the park with her big brother. Sand Pits are always such a big hit with kids, it’s great to see such big happy faces on LM and Monkey. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids

  4. I have to admit that I am not yet enjoying the weather cuz as you say sometimes its one minute its raining and then suddenly its sunny! But I know that in a few days more it will be better! I am so waiting for my proper spring!

    Lovely photos! I always love seeing ones with LM as shes really adorable =)


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