Tempting Fate

Do you believe in fate? Are you superstitious? I don’t think of myself as a particularly superstitious person. I walk under ladders and on cracks on pavements. I can never remember if black cats crossing your path are meant to be good or bad luck. But.. and there is a but… There are some things I do seem to believe in. I recently read a post from Mama at My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows about sods law. This is one I know well… as do most parents I’m sure. When you need your little one to nap, they are bound to be wide awake, and when you want them to stay awake, you guessed it, they are fast asleep. I won’t go on but you know what I mean.

Then there is tempting fate… And I can’t help it, from experience I do set a bit of a store by tempting fate. No matter how irrational I also believe it to be and how much I know that saying a particular sentence is NOT going to change the course of events… There are some things I will not say for fear that doing so will have disastrous consequences. And I’m not alone in this.

My husband has a thing about saying the Q word in reference to work. Quiet. The moment you say “ooh it’s quiet today” you can guarantee a catastrophe the likes of which have never been seen before meaning you are run off your feet and working late and stressed beyond belief. So the Q word is never uttered by him at work, and I have to admit I was the same when I was working too

Linking back to sods law, one thing that I am sure many parents will not do it discuss how well their child/ren are sleeping. Woe betide any parent who mentions that their child is sleeping well. Whether they are referring to on that occasion or in general.. It feels like a mistake to utter the words just in case by saying it you cause then to wake screaming!

On a journey you absolutely cannot utter the words we are making good time, or hasn’t it been a good journey so far… Because you know that you will then hit an epic traffic jam or every road leading to your destination will have been closed resulting in diversions that spread the length of the country.

These are just things I know to be true. You can say something positive and then it feels like the powers of fate decide to do the absolute opposite… Purely with a sort of “ha! In your face” motivation. Even writing this feels a bit ridiculous I grant you but then why I do I believe it?

So every now and then I like to try and tempt fate to doing something nice for me instead. For example right now I am going to say this. We are in the midst of a serious phase of poo escapage. In truth it has only happened twice (but come on, when it comes to poo, surely once is more than enough?), once when a certain cheeky madam removed her nappy and stepped in it… smearing poo across the floor, and a second occasion which resulted in fishing poo out of the bath. Shudder. So I am saying again, that we are in the grips of a serious phase of poo escapage in the desperate hope that the powers of fate choose once again to prove me wrong (please, please, please, please). What do you think of my chances? 😉

Do you believe in tempting fate? Or am I writing utter nonsense in yout opinion?

7 thoughts on “Tempting Fate

  1. I am with you on this. Like you, I’m nit really superstitious, but there are some things I just won’t say! Definitely the sleeping one and if I dare utter that the kids haven’t been poorly for a while, I can be sure they’ll vomit the next day! X

  2. Chris tells me it is rubbish but I do worry! Like when I say we haven’t been sick for ages and then get a tummy bug!! It does seem to go tits up when you temp it. I’m with you that it’s real! hehe xx #thtruthabout

  3. It is weird how the minute you say something, the opposite happens. However, I wonder if it’s because it is then in the forefront of your mind so you are more aware. Then again maybe I’m now talking rubbish…;)

  4. It’s funny how no matter how sceptical and rational we think we are there’s always a little voice inside telling us not to “tempt fate”! I really hope you don’t have to deal with too many more poo incidents- we had two in the bath and two in the pants (all EJ none from JJ!) and nothing since thank heavens! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

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