Sudbury Hall and the National Museum of Childhood

Last weekend we were headed to the Peak  District to celebrate my aunt’s 70th. As it is a fair old distance for the kids in the car we decided to do our usual and break the journey at a National Trust place along the way. We chose Sudbury Hall because I heard it had a great play area and also because we thought that the kids may enjoy the museum of childhood if the weather turned sour.photogrid_1478181773530

After a fairly slow journey we had some tea and cake as a pick me up then had a play with a giant connect 4 they had set up in the grounds while we waited for our other family members to join us. We initially planned to go straight into the Halloween trail but sadly when the family arrived the weather took a turn south so we headed in to the museum.

The museum is great fun and interactive with lots of fun things to play with. It’s also lovely to see things I played with as a child, and my parents were very excited to see some of the things they played with too. Don’t miss the examples of bedrooms through the decades that are on the ceiling of one of the downstairs rooms!photogrid_1478181953643

Unfortunately it turned out to be torture for LM. There were so many toys behind glass  that of course she couldn’t play with, and while Monkey loved the interactive displays, nothing could get our lovely toddler over the fact that she was not allowed to play with the amazing dolls houses. Poor thing.

So with the rain paused for a moment we decided to head outside for an explore and to start the Halloween trail. I’d bought a couple of witch/wizard hats to add to the fun and uncle Marky joined in the hat fun with Monkey as LM wasn’t too keen on hers! We had a good run around and a bit of an explore. Plus a bit of good old autumnal fun and a leaf fight with a cheeky nanny!

And even tried to get a group selfie, which went well apart from LM who was not in the mood!photogrid_1478182329078

As you can probably tell LM was not at her beat and with a bit more rain coming we decided to go in to the cafe for some lunch. The cafe was crazy busy but we managed to get a table for all of us upstairs right by all the toys! There was a great selection and though it was seriously hot up there it really helped having so many toys to entertain the kids!

After lunch (and after the rain thankfully)  it was back outside to continue the trail and to check out the adventure play area. The grounds at Sudbury are stunning and the adventure play area was brilliant. Loads of fun for kids and adults haha.photogrid_1478182617506

photogrid_1478183063438We had great fun at Sudbury Hall and we never even got into the house this time. We will definitely go back again next time we are in the area. . . .  Though probably when LM is a little older and can enjoy the museum a bit more!

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22 thoughts on “Sudbury Hall and the National Museum of Childhood

  1. Oh this looks really nice, we’re national trust members and I’d check this out if we’re up that way. Such a shame about the dolls house, there’s just no way to explain it to little ones is there??

  2. What a great decision on a place to meet up. It looks so well set up for children with that wonderful play area and even better that it was covered in autumn leaves. Your photos show what a lovely time you had. Poor LM must have been feeling off form, she is usally loving all you do, though i did feel for her not being able to get at that dolls house. My Mother in Law is an antiques dealer and she has an old dolls house that all the children have ruined over the years with overplay, I don’t think it is worth anything now but it has many memories!

    I hope your aunt enjoyed her 70th and the rest of the weekend was as good as this day.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. What a beautiful place. I love NT properties and there’s always so much to do. We rarely fit everything in one day. The museum of childhood looks like fun. We’ve been to the V & A Museum of Childhood a couple of times and spent hours reminiscing about what toys we used to have. The group selfies at the end are fab!


  4. I can imagine that seeing toys behind glass and not being able to play with them must be very frustrating for a little one. The grounds look fabulous though and looks like Monkey and LM were having a lot of fun in the adventure play area. Love the family group selfie as well, even if LM wasn’t quite so keen on having a photo taken! 🙂 #countrykids

  5. so great to see you out enjoying the weather whatever it may be, rain and autumn leaves just so pretty. So many amazing photos. We just don’t get buildings like that where I live so it is amazing to see! #whatevertheweather

  6. A wonderful journey into childhood. Very beautiful and interesting place! As I want to go there and find something from his childhood. But unfortunately we are very far away.

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  8. Aww, poor LM, it’s hard when you’re a toddler! It looks like a great place to visit, with loads to do. I love meeting up at places like this with family, so much nicer than sitting in the house with hyper kids! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather x

  9. We are National Trust members, but I haven’t visited Sudbury Hall yet. It looks like a great place to go though, but I feel for your little one not being able to touch the dolls house! The outdoor area looks fab though.

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