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Blogging had been such a help to me since becoming a mum and making the decision to be a SAHM. It has helped me share my experiences and to feel less alone thanks to the wonderful community of parent bloggers out there. There is so much power in blogging and as well as helping each other we can be quite influential.

I was recently sent the following info graphic about the rise and stats of Mummy Bloggers which I find hugely interesting.

Top 50 Mummy Bloggers In UK

Who knew there was quite so many of us out there? I admit to being honoured to be included in the top 50 bloggers on here. I confess to being a little sceptical about this however as there are many fantastic and far more influential bloggers than I who have not made it onto this list. (Never mind the absence of any daddy bloggers…) I wonder whether it is more a chart of those of us that responded rather than a chart of the top mummy bloggers..

Hubs says I should  not worry and enjoy it and I guess though I am not sure I agree I do feel very proud that someone feels that I belong on this chart alongside such wonderful company.

Whether I do belong on this chart or no I do hope that I have helped other mummies as much as other bloggers have helped me. That is all I really care about. Parenting can be so hard at times and so difficult to know if you are doing it ‘right.’ Reading other Mums’ experiences helps me to know I am not alone and that there is no ‘right’ way and that I am doing ok. I hope my blog helps other Mummies to feel the same way.

5 thoughts on “Mummy Bloggers

  1. This reinforces my feeling that I influence no-one!! 🙂 I agree that there are some wonderful bloggers on this list (yourself included) and also some I’ve never heard of – I always question statistics ever since I studied journalism and we were taught how to manipulate them to prove your point whatever it may be but that in no way takes away that honour of being included – I have to admit that a very little part of me was hoping I’d suddenly spot myself on there LOL!! Maybe one day. Thanks for sharing with #thetruthabout Xx

  2. Ah, now I heard someone talking about this infographic the other day. I won’t tel you what they said, but they weren’t complementary! Oh, and yes, they did feature on the list. Rather unfortunate to palce a map of the US next to text about “UK mommy bloggers” (big design fault, that’s before we come on to the spelling). Sorry, I’m being very cunical aren’t I??? #thruthabout

  3. I saw this infographic doing the rounds. I wonder where they get their stats from? Only saying that cos I’m not on there 😉 But neither are so many other amazing bloggers! I love how they call us British Mommy Bloggers – use the british version of the word, of goodness sake!

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