My future as a blogger, and as a SAHM

My Monkey turns 5 next month, I’ve been a SAHM for nearly 5 years and a blogger for a little over 4 years. And in all honesty I’m not sure how much longer that I will be either of those things. I have loved my time at home with the kiddies while they have been small, and my blog has been a real lifeline for much of that time. Connecting with other mums, sharing thoughts and ideas. Sharing the updates about my beautiful children. Sharing the downsides and hardships of being a SAHM and sharing my postnatal depression.

I’ve had ups and downs with blogging but for the most part I have loved it. For a while though, that love has been waning. I’ve struggled to give it the time and energy my blog really needs to be successful. I’ve stopped minding whether it even is succesful, and have just carried on sharing as and when I have felt like it.

I still have ups and downs. Days and weeks where I seem to find more time and more inspiration and resolve to do better to give more attention to my blog. Then I have days and weeks where I just can’t be bothered, to be honest. So I wonder how long to keep blogging… And I don’t really know the answer.

As for being a SAHM, as I mentioned above, it has been wonderful… But I don’t love it as much as I once did. I feel somehow wrong admitting that. I’ve been so lucky that I have been able to be a SAHM, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. LM starts preschool in a month, just a couple of mornings a week, but both she and I need that time. As we gradually increase her time at pre-school, my plan is to start working part time in some capacity.

The truth is I need more now. I have raised my babies at home with me. I have taken pride in their achievements and seen many of them as my own too. I taught them to count, to recognise their colours, to be kind and for the most part we’ll behaved. That’s been my job. But I feel I need something other than being mummy. This isn’t going to happen over night as there are many things to consider but I think my days as a full time SAHM are limited.

I think that may be one of (many) ┬áthe reasons my love for the blog is waning. It is called Becoming a SAHM… if I’m not going to be a SAHM anymore… What do I do? Change the name and the whole purpose of the site?

I’m not completely ready to hang up either Cape quite yet. There are some more things I would like to blog about (having one of those weeks I mentioned before, where I want to do it again) and a couple of PR things to complete, though I’m not sure I’ll accept any more. Apologies to anyone who has emailed recently. It is hard enough to find the time and energy to write things I want to write these days, let alone writing things for someone else.

Do you ever doubt your future as a blogger?

12 thoughts on “My future as a blogger, and as a SAHM

  1. Oh Caroline I feel the same at the moment, I love my blog but don’t seem to have the motivation for it at the moment, obviously I have a few things going on at the moment but I’m struggling to sit and write! You have to do what is right hun, just take a step back for a bit and see how you feel. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and big hugs XX

    • Thanks lovely, I’ve been feeling like it for a really long time to be honest, and the up weeks keep me going but think I’m on the way out really. You have got a LOT going on at the mo honey so don’t be hard on yourself and hopefully when things calm down a bit you will get your blogging mojo back! Bug hugs back xxx

  2. I know where you are coming from. I went back to work in Feb after a little oner 5 years as a SAHM, I was so done with being at home all the time and felt really low. I followed my dreams and got a job as a teaching assistant at the junior school next door to my girls infant school. I only work 12 hours a week and Little 3 goes to a childminder for a few hours a day. I am so much happier and I really enjoy it, I am tired mentally rather than exhausted and low I was before. My blog has slipped a lot in that time as I can’t be bothered most evenings after the children are in bed. I still love it but have cut back. I have been reading your blog over 3 years. Xx

    • Thanks lovely, I am glad you have found something you enjoy and that works for you. I hope I can do something similar as after 5 years at home I really am ready for more! Xxx

  3. I know exactly how you feel, about being a mum and a blogger. I returned to work for 3 days a week and feel so out of the loop with things. I love being a mum but I love having my work for me too. Somewhere where I’m Jo and not mum!
    In regards to the blog I continue to dip in and out when the mood takes me. I’ve given up wanting it to be more than just a nice hobby to have and have made my peace with that. I haven’t got the time or inclination for it to be anything else, but I’m not quite ready to call it a day.
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your family grow, I’ll be sad to see you go if that’s what you decide, but I understand your reasons. Good luck with the next steps xxx

    • Thanks Jo that is really kind. It is always good to know you aren’t alone in the way you feel about things and that I really appreciate it now. It sounds like you have found a balance that works and I hope I can do the same! Xx

  4. Hi Caroline – sorry I didn’t put #thetruthabout up this week – I suspect this is the post you would have linked! I had a bit of a pro-longed (not particularly successful) internet date yesterday so, well, yeah, enough said! You know I’ve let my blog slip almost completely off the radar due to life taking over – obviously I’ve been working part time the entire time I’ve been blogging and always did find it an extremely time consuming outlet but again, I think of myself as a writer and I need a place to express myself, what I’m thinking and feeling. Having the second blog has opened up more of a chance to do that of course because of it’s private nature. I wonder if you would consider starting up another blog to re-focus on your new experiences or maybe just hold on to Becoming a SAHM for a while and just put the odd family update on? I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. X

    • Thanks lovely haha yes I would have but don’t worry I understand you have other things going on, interesting sounding date though! Thanks hon I honestly don’t know, I change my mind a lot and I guess I will just see how I feel over time maybe and take each week as it comes or something! Xx

  5. I remember you talking about this before, especially with thoughts of going back to work too. You have to do what is right for you. I’ll miss your blog if you stop but it is time to think about you. You have done such a great job with your little ones and their early years. Lots of luck xx Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  6. I’m a big believer in following your instincts. Maybe take a break and see how you feel and keep an eye on the job market and see if anything comes up that ignites your interest. If you’re worried about the title of your blog there have been plenty of others who have changed their name and focus successfully, like Amy Treasure, so that’s always an option x

  7. Right now I’m not really thinking about the future of my blog – it turns out having a new baby is quite good from a blogging point of view!! There are plenty of topics to write about and plenty of brands wanting to work with us! #bestandworst

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