A winter’s morning at our local country park

We are incredibly fortunate where we live, that we have a fantastic country park basically on our doorstep. I don’t like to name it as hubs feels it is too clear an indication as to where we live, but we can walk/cycle there so easily. It is the perfect place for a family outing, to meet friends and generally have a play. Last weekend we arranged to meet some of our friends there for the morning.

It was such a clear, but very cold and frosty winter’s morning. Though it is very close it can be a bit too far for little legs to walk (especially the homeward bound leg after running and playing all day) so we decided to cycle over. I adore that LM loves being on the back of my bike, and Monkey is getting much stronger and able to cycle faster and for longer meaning we can have a bit of a family bike ride (though still a very sedate one!). It was gorgeous cycling over in the morning sun and sparkly frost.PhotoGrid_1485353769385

We had a look around at some of the ice and frozen plants, and shells etc before our friends arrived.PhotoGrid_1485354002746

They joined us for a play on one of the playareas, which was interesting in the ice, as the slide was seriously slippy, so much so that LM flew at one point bless her!PhotoGrid_1485354216821

The kids then had great fun chasing bubbles, which looked gorgeous in the sunlight.PhotoGrid_1485354309545

We then walked over to go to another playarea but at this point LM threw a mega wobbler and basically wouldn’t stop screaming. One of those times where you can’t really even work out what is wrong or what she wants you to do. Always fun. Eventually she was happy to ride on Daddy’s shoulders which thankfully gave us a break from the screaming!PhotoGrid_1485354415362

Thinking she may be cold we stopped at a cafe for some hot drinks and cake to warm us all up, before going out onto the nearby sandy play park. The kids love this park and had so much fun out there, going through tunnels, jumping off ledges, going down the slide and playing in the sand in general.PhotoGrid_1485354535511

With lunchtime approaching and knowing we had to get back to our bikes, and then cycle home, it was time to head off. I love a good cold morning out when you can then wrap up warm and cosy when you get home 🙂

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Run Jump Scrap!

9 thoughts on “A winter’s morning at our local country park

  1. Oh I love cold mornings outside too. We’ve had the same problem with the slide recently – it totally caught me off guard too, thankfully she had her padded winter suit on which cushioned the fall when she flew through the air at the end of the slide. Oops!

  2. It looks like you had a fantastic afternoon exploring the park with friends, it’s lovely to see the kids playing together so nicely! I bet the icy slide was a big hit with the kids zooming down it quicker. Bubble chasing is always a fab way to spend time with the kids, I’m always amazed by how long they’ll play with them.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. Beautiful frosty photos. We had similar problems with our eldest getting upset which we put down to the cold too. Looks like overall you had fun #countrykids

  4. This looks like a great place to have on your doorstep! My Hubby would be the same as we also have a country park nearby. I love the collection of photos you have taken I am lucky if I get one or two on an adventure! Must try harder. Stopping by from #CountryKids

  5. I love those photos of the wintery things and frost in a circle. How briliant to go for a frosty freezey walk!
    Thanks for joining #daysoutwithatoddler see you next month 🙂

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