Hills & Holes, Barnack, Lincolnshire

A little to the north of where we live is a little known nature reserve, and a place that I love, called Hills & Holes. It is the site where limestone was quarried to build Peterborough cathedral, and quite simply this left the area with lots of hills, and lots of holes!

I know it sounds a bit odd but honestly I love it there. I have so many awesome memories of running up and down all the hills and in and out of the woods there as a kid.  Hubs did the same with his family too so it is a place we have always said we wanted to take the kids, and finally it feels like LM is old enough to start to enjoy it, so with some rare sunshine forecast on Saturday morning, we headed over.PhotoGrid_1484575491854

Monkey could not get his head round what we meant when we said we were going to Hills & Holes, and he was even more confused when we pulled up in one of the few laybys that class as parking on the edge of the village and walked through a little gate. But as soon as we got in and he saw the hills, well he was about as happy as a 4yr old gets at the prospect of an adventure!PhotoGrid_1484574948014

It’s difficult to see in the pictures just how hilly and undulating it is… but I’m sure you get the idea! PhotoGrid_1484575419728

I was so proud of LM as she did so well walking up and down some of the seriously huge hills holding Daddy’s hand…  Though her little legs definitely got tired after a while and she needed a carry the rest of the way.

At some times of the year there are sheep in some areas of the reserve. We wandered over to say hello and they were all staring at us and being quite friendly. But then when we carried on walking they started following us, which unnerved LM a bit bless her. We were a little perplexed and turned back to see the ram push his way to the front of the sheep and start stomping his feet at us! We weren’t really sure what to do at that point other than calmly but swiftly carry on our way.  They all followed us, with the ram leading them, though thankfully at quite a distance, for some way until we went through a gate into another section of the reserve. I have to admit that I’ve walked through herds of sheep a number of times but have never been confronted by a ram before. What should you do in that situation?PhotoGrid_1484575642847

Anyway, after that little bit of excitement, as LM was needing to be carried we were getting a bit tired (carrying a toddler up and down hills soon becomes hard work!) so headed home. We had a lovely time though. I’m so glad the kids are old enough to start to enjoy it now and look forward to going back many more times over the years for some fresh air and a run around!

Things you need to know about Hills & Holes.

Hills & Holes is on the edge of the village of Barnack, just to the south of Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Parking is in a few laybys on the road between the reserve and the village itself.

Dog’s are welcome but there are signs up when sheep are in the reserve to let you know they need a lead.

It is not remotely buggy friendly or even accessible so if a little one isn’t big enough to walk themselves then they will need to be carried!

No toilets or refreshments etc. of any kind.

If you live nearby have you ever been to Hills & Holes?

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18 thoughts on “Hills & Holes, Barnack, Lincolnshire

  1. Reading this article has made me remember wonderful memories from my childhood. I used to live nearby and we would often visit at the weekend. When it snowed, we’d go sledging in an old tin bath down the hills. I must visit again with my two children when visiting family. Such a lovely place!

  2. Oh this looks like a great place to go and brush off the cobwebs! Think there needs to be a gorgeous country pub nearby that you could stop off for a lovely big sunday roast next to a roaring fire! Great pictures too #TwinklyTuesday

  3. I love places like this! I like to get out and about with my daughter as much as possible, even in the winter. There’s a place near me (in Birmingham) called the Waseley Hills and it is very similar, no scary sheep though! I also end up carrying my toddler at some point though, they get tired so quickly don’t they?! #bestandworst

  4. It’s always great re-living one of your child hood memories with your children. Feels so weird. This place looks like a great one to explore and LM did really well. The grem would have been moaning!! lol. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  5. I love how this place has special memories for you. It reminds me of a common near where we used to live when I was growing up. I have such fond memories running in and out of dips just like these. LM looks like she had a great time but I can see why you waiting till she was old enough to join in with you. A lovely adventure right up till the ram appearing! I’m surprised he was out on public land, our Ram is always in fields not on the public footpaths. They are usually fine and more scared of you but can be aggressive if challenged. You did just the right thing to quietly ignore him and walk away. I hope he didn’t put you off returning, the sheep do keep the grass nice and short!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  6. What a cool nature trail, We are surrounded by them down here in Devon, they are so much fun and usually hold some geocaches to find to keep my son busy.
    The following ram and sheep would have freaked me out, my husband may have had to carry me away lol

  7. This brings back so many memories! I grew up in the RAF and lived in Wittering for a few years and have been here a few times. It is such a perfect place for little legs! The ram would have terrified me. We have never had problems with rams before, just cows! #countrykids

  8. That sounds like one serious walk – undulating hills, no cafe, toilets or pushchairs…not for the faint-hearted 😉 Looks like your little ones had a good time tho & did well rediscovering an old favourite if yours. I can imagine in a few years time your LOs will be running around and hiding in and amongst the hills & dips. Looks like lots of fun

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