Siblings January 2017

Here we are at the middle of January and time once again to catch up with my lovely pair of siblings. After spending so much time together over the holiday period together they seem closer than ever. I’ve loved all the family time and watching my two play. We are well and truly back to normality now though so it’s actually lovely to look back at some piccies from our relaxed time off together.20170112_111450

Of course they have their moments and squabble in the way only siblings can really. LM is a bossy little thing but our Monkey doesn’t like to be bossed so she doesn’t always get her own way with him. For the most part he does play along though, he is very tolerant but I also thin he just loves having her to play with.

Some of my fave examples of sibling fun from the last month are:

Having fun at a John Lewis cafe when we visited the sales.photogrid_1484133222193

Having a floor picnic (and lots of snuggles) in their Den when we got home.photogrid_1484133444707

Some very cute moments on Christmas Day itselfphotogrid_1484133772799

Some lovely moments out and aboutphotogrid_1484135504333

And, all of these other times too!photogrid_1484136124159

Finally, in the smattering of snow we got yesterday I got a very lovely one of themIMG_20170113_084940_763

The outtakes for this are hilarious as at one point Monkey clearly got some snow in his face that he wasn’t all too happy about haha.PhotoGrid_1484299838207

I know there’s tonnes of pics here but all the time they’ve spent together have given me a lot of photo ops. Plus, to be honest the only thing that really keeps me blogging these days, is the desire for a record of my kiddies as they grow, and witnessing the development of their relationship is all part of that. Monkey is 4yrs, 8mths and LM is 2yrs 3mths.

11 thoughts on “Siblings January 2017

  1. Oh I’m so impressed you got pictures of them in the snow!! It only snowed overnight here and even then not very much so we had to fall back on a woodland backdrop! Your two always look like the best of friends and I’m glad they’re only growing closer as they get older!

  2. Oh lucky you guys with the snow. We got a flurry for a second at midnight so kids didn’t see it melted before they woke up. Love the reaction of snow hitting monkeys face. Hilarious moment to capture. It doesn’t seem two minutes when you had her and now look at her running and keeping up with her big brother. So adorable. They are growing up way too fast I see it in my two too. Look forward to another year of #siblingproject with yours darling.

  3. I love these photos and it’s lovely to see their relationship through them. All the photos have made me smile as I can see my two in them too. I really feel having a sibling was the making of our little boy and I’m sure you feel the same too. Like me, I’m sure you hope that their relationship stays this way.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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