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Monkey was an early teether and got his first tooth at 4 mths. Therefore it is no surprise that LM is also teething early, although no teeth as yet and her symptoms have definitely been up and down! I took to twitter for some advice on remedies people have used and received some really helpful info. Don’t you just love blogging and social media for that?

The lovely people at Dr Brown’s also replied and very kindly offered to send me a couple of teethers to try out with LM. They sent me their “Ridgees” Giraffe shaped teether and one of their “Orthees” which looks almost dummy shaped. Both are designed by Paediatric dentists and are suitable from 3 months up which is perfect for LM.


Dr Brown’s Orthees

Developed by a paediatric dentist

  • Massages sore gums and relieves mouth pressure during teething
  • Ideal for front and back teething, Orthees® are easy for little hands to hold and help the jaw to develop as baby transitions to biting, chewing and speech
  • Freezer safe


TE445_Product_HDr Brown’s Ridgees

Developed by a paediatric dentist

  • Textured surfaces ease sore gums during all stages of teething
  • Reaches all areas of the mouth–including back molars
  • Firm edges massage gums while soft surfaces provide pressure relief for erupting teeth
  • Freezer safe


Both teethers are lovely and have different areas which are suitable for different parts of their little mouths. Both are also great for little hands to grab. Of the two LM definitely prefers the Ridgees Giraffe. Whenever I try and use the Orthees with her she gives me a very perplexed look and promptly spits it out. She always did the same with dummies and we never managed to get her to take one, she prefers sucking on her fingers. I would imagine that little ones who are used to dummies may take to it better… or it may just be that LM is particularly fussy and most other babies would be happy with it!

She loves the look of the Ridgees Giraffe and spends as much time looking at it as she actually does chewing it and it is a perfect size for her to grab hold of. It is harder plastic than I thought it would be from the pictures but I guess that is what they need for their little gums!

WP_20150303_10_46_49_Pro (2)

I like the shape of it too as I think it will be easy for her to use as she grows and needs to chew on different parts of her gums. Both teethers are also freezer safe so we could pop them in the freezer to cool and help her little gums that way.

At this age (4 mths) she is a little fickle and doesn’t have preferences for anything or chew or play with any one toy for long so I can’t say that she has a particular preference for these but I hope that as she grows and continues to teeth that they will really help soothe her little gums.

For more information, or to buy any of the Dr Brown’s Teether range, please visit drbrowns.co.uk

We were sent the Dr Brown’s Ridgees and Orthees teethers for the purpose of this review however all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

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10 thoughts on “Dr Brown’s Teethers

  1. My baby has been teething since 3 months old, white gums, soooo much drool but no sign of teeth. She has no time for teethers, I think because she still doesn’t have the hang of holding something to her mouth yet. She eats her fingers all day and need to change bibs at least 5 times a day. We are using an amber anklet, which we thought was no good, until we lost if for a few days! Also Teetha gel seems to help. Hope the teethers work for LM x

    • Yeah LM doesn’t really for long either TBH. I’m glad the anklet is working for you, we had one, weren;t sure it was making any difference, then we’ve lost it and now know it wasn;t making any difference as she has been no better or worse without it which is a shame! xx

  2. These look great. My bean has been teething since about a month and still no sign. Very drooly and grumpy! She hasn’t got the hang of teething rings yet but the giraffe looks like fun.

  3. My little one puts everything in her mouth. EVERYTHING. So actual teethers, rather than whatever random object she can lay her hands on, would be a smart move. Might look into these. #TriedTested

  4. Great review, I’ll be on the look out for decent teethers when baby 2 arrives!! I struggled to find decent ones that my little boy liked other than Sophie Giraffe so I’ll definitely consider these 🙂

    Helen – #triedtested

    • haha do you think so? People always say Monkey looks like hubs so it is lovely to hear people say she looks like me! xx

  5. Oh I love the look of these. I am a big fan of Dr Browns but have never tried their teethers. Will bear them in mind for the next baby! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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