Feeling better & enjoying the sun

This week has, on the whole, been a really rather lovely week. There has been ups and downs of course but on the whole I have been a feeling a lot better than I have recently. I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been so supportive since I shared my post about postnatal depression last week as I have received so many lovely kind words of support. I feel that accepting it and accepting treatment has made a huge difference and I do think the tablets are starting to help me too.

So what have we been up to? You may have read that it was my lovely Mum’s birthday last week so at the weekend we had a bit of a family celebration round theirs. Sadly it was a wet and miserable day so we were indoors but it was still very lovely. I didn’t take a huge amount of photos but both LM and Monkey loved playing with their uncles, aunty and Great Aunty Maggie, and Nanny & Pops of course :).

mums birthday

LM was pooped out by the end too and fell asleep in the car seat, cuddling her foot!

Then of course we were hit by the heatwave this week, so Monkey, LM and I have spent quite a lot of time in the garden enjoying the sunshine. We set our gazebo up to give us some shade and, of course, got out the paddling pool.

LM absolutely loved her first go in the paddling pool, splashing and laughing to her heart’s content, it was adorable so I have included a little video for you if you’d like to see 🙂

She and Monkey had a whale of a time in there together with lots of splashing and laughing which was very lovely to see and hear.

fun in th paddling pool

There was a really lovely moment, when Monkey was playing happily in his sandpit, LM was playing with a toy and I was just sat back watching them, feeling really relaxed and content. Moments like that are when I love being a Mum, just watching my healthy, happy, beautiful children, playing and enjoying themselves.


It was also a moment when I was so glad that we spent so much time, effort and money renovating our garden last year. It was so so worth it as we spend a lot time out there, and I hope for many more days like this to come.

On the whole it has just been a happy week and it has been a really nice change. A lot of this year seems to have been spent with one of us being ill. Hubs bless him still isn’t 100% and had some bloods taken earlier in the week to hopefully rule out anything serious as he has gone from cold to sinus infection to chest infection to throat infection. He was getting better but has said today his throat feels a little sore again 🙁 I hope it’s just a tickle or hayfever and not him getting ill again!

The rest of us are at least healthy, LM’s teething isn’t bothering her as much so she is very smiley and Monkey is back to full spirits after a low couple of weeks reacting to my mood (sensitive soul that he is). I generally just feel much better. A bit more energised (although not today as I am very dozey after a hot sticky sleepless night last night) and more myself.

All I can say, is long may this continue!!

My word this week, is better :).

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24 thoughts on “Feeling better & enjoying the sun

  1. So good to hear this hun. Looks like a lovely week. The video is just adorable. Hope the weather picks up again! I got drenched on the way home from work xxx

  2. Hooray for feeling better, getting outdoors and listening to your children laughing! It’s been a bit too hot at times but it really feels like proper garden weather now doesn’t it (at least for a while!). Xx

  3. So glad that you are feeling better this week and that you enjoyed celebrating your mum’s birthday – love LM’s little dress, so gorgeous! That video of her in the paddling pool is just adorable and she and Monkey look like they had a wonderful time. Glad that you’ve been enjoying the sunshine this week and hope things continue onwards and upwards for you x

  4. ‘Better’ is wonderful! So pleased to her that you’re feeling better this week and it looks like you’ve had a lovely time. It is great to sit back and watch your children play, and being out in the garden is so refreshing and relaxing. Hope your husband’s results come back OK x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. So pleased to hear you are getting on top of the depression, such a horrid thing to be struck by and so hard to pull out. It sounds like a lovely week of being able to sit back a little and appreciate your lovely garden and happy children enjoying the best of the summer weather. Lovely photos of happy family times. Onwards and upwards and wishing you more fun times like this ahead this summer. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  6. So glad you’re feeling better this week Caroline. Looks like you’ve had a lovely week enjoying the sunshine, the simple pleasures of being out in the garden are just wonderful 🙂 #countrykids

  7. Hi Caroline, one of the sweetest sounds in the world has to be the sound of children playing and being able (as a Mum) to sit back and watch your own children explore and grow through play.

    It sounds as if you have been having a tough time, I hope you continue to feel better and that your post natal depression is soon a thing of the past.


  8. What gorgeous summery photos and I absolutely love the video of LM in the paddling pool, those little hands splashing about are too cute. I love the heat and sunshine so much. I missed your post so off to read it but I am glad you are feeling a bit better. xx

  9. Looks like they both had a lovely time in the garden 🙂 Just make sure you take time for yourself and accept the help when you need it, hoping you are feeling a bit more like you in the coming weeks 🙂

  10. Your photos are lovely and the one with your mum at her birthday is just gorgeous. Also love your paddling pool montage. Glad you’re feeling better and that your garden is now summer ready. We just did ours too, finished in May, so we also really felt the benefit this week as the weather get better
    Hope this week is just as lovely for you

  11. Glad you are feeling better. Looks like the kiddies have had a great week in the garden – what summers are made of! My boys haved loved playing (nicely!) in the garden and created a water slide to splash into our paddling pool. Hours of fun! x

  12. Looks like a LOT of fun has been had by all. I’m glad getting to your dr has helped, just hang in there and don’t rush to get off the tablets, they are not as bad as people make out xx

  13. She looks like she’s having loads of fun in the paddling pool!! We put our 12 month in for the first time as well. She cried at us and looked at us like we were completely mad for trying to give her a bath in the garden :). #letkidsbekids

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