Feeling Christmassy, 2016

My word of the week this week is Christmassy (I know that’s not really a real word but it’s still going to be my word this week) as there’s only a couple of weeks to go until the big day and things are definitely starting to feel festive around here.

We weren’t planning on having our tree up until this weekend, but with a free afternoon last Sunday and a busy weekend ahead this week, well long story short, we found ourselves in a garden centre buying a tree last weekend. It was a very exciting visit as we also saw the big man himself. If you follow my Instagram you may know that we have a slightly suspicious Monkey when it comes to the big man and he has asked a couple of times “are you sure he is really real?” to which our answer is obviously a wholehearted “yes!” photogrid_1481285716518

He seems to be believing again so this year will be fine but I do wonder how many years we have of him believing to come, as he is such a thinker and things clearly aren’t quite adding up in his head!

When we got home it was time to get the decs out and get the tree up. The kids loved looking at the decorations and finding the santander hats, and Monkey was so helpful with the tree which was adorable! Madam didn’t cause too much mischief with the tree either thank goodness 🙂 photogrid_1481286435436

We’ve also got down the playmobil Christmas scene that Monkey was given as a present last year. Both kids have adored playing with that and there has been some very Christmassy play going on as you would imagine. photogrid_1481286111070

The main event though, that has really made me feel Christmassy is that this morning was Monkey’s school Nativity! He has been singing the songs for weeks and I think I know the whole thing off by heart as well! We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the performance itself though this snap I got at the beginning makes me chuckle. If I stood at the right angle then this was my view, through a sea of heads haha and most of the time it wasn’t even this good. 20161209_123308

He said his line brilliantly though and clearly enjoyed singing all the songs and doing the actions, I properly welled up at one point, soppy mummy but I was so proud of him! We got some pictures of him afterwards looking so happy and so proud of himself.

Tomorrow I am off to York to meet a friend and hopefully get the last bits of Christmas Shopping done so that should be nice!

Are you feeling Christmassy yet or is it still a bit early for you?

6 thoughts on “Feeling Christmassy, 2016

  1. Ah we’re feeling a bit Christmassy as well, nativity is next week though and I’m sure that will get us even more into the spirit of it! Love the nativity photos, it’s a shame you didn’t get much of a view but it’s great that you were able to take some lovely shots at the end.

  2. Yes! I am feeling Christmassy now, and I just want my girl to break up from school so we can all have fun together – one more week and counting! Ah, well done to Monkey, he looks so sweet! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Ahh maybe you should say to Monkey he is one of Santa’s helpers as the real one is sooo busy getting ready. To be fair the grem asked if the Santa in Solihull was the real one last week. I just said yes too! Looking really festive lovely. Monkey looks sooo cute xx #wotw

  4. Sadly, it’s still a little earlier for me. My husband and I drive 1900 miles to my mother’s house for the holidays and we haven’t been able to leave yet because of bad weather. Once we’re there, it’ll be the Christmas season for us as well. #wotw

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

  5. Love the photos of Monkey looking proud of himself after his Nativity play performance and what a lovely moment for you. Jessica’s is next week and I’m so looking forward to it. Glad to hear you are getting in the festive spirit – Christmassy is such a nice word for the week. #WotW

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