Learning to read at nearly 3

Learning to read at nearly 3Monkey loves books, he has done for a long time. We read multiple times a day and he has so many books he adores. He knows all of his letters now, and can recognise them all. He sings the alphabet song almost constantly and we have been trying to help him understand the phonetics and sounds of letters too as I know he will need those at school and to help him with learning to read. He regularly spells out writing on things and so wants to read himself, and actually I think we are starting to head down the path of learning to read.

I am pretty impressed with this at his age I have to admit and as ever I am not saying “oh my son is amazing” or by any means taking credit for it. All kids learn at their own pace and he may be earlier with some things and later with other things. For example he is not ready for potty training yet but he does seem to want to learn to read.

He regularly points at words and wants to know what it says. When we say it, we try and spell it out and he will often repeat it. He now loves shouting Netflix whenever the big writing comes on the TV! One of his favourite books at the moment is a colours book from the hungry caterpillar collection, where he likes to spell out each word and read it. He is doing this with Daddy and how much of this is just memory I am not sure but it will hopefully help him learn that this is how you read.

Daddy is great at helping him with this and is explaining some of the more complex sounds like o o makes oo etc. I never know how far to go with it as he seems so little to me but at the same time he is so desperate to do it and to learn. He found a bottle of infacol the other day and traced the letters on the bottle and said “LM’s medicine” lol bless him!

He is so proud of himself when he tries which is just lovely and so I certainly don’t want to discourage him from it.

Were any of your kids early readers? I have no idea what is usual for this age and what isn’t!

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  1. Bless him – he seems to be fairly usual with his age. Most kids his age should be able to tell roughly how long a story is (i.e. if you skip lines they’ll say “You’re not reading it properly”) and recognise familiar words like their name, Netflix, their sisters name and maybe their address. To help him further, it would be starting with phonics.

    Lizzie Dripping

    • Haha thank you .. I do think its amazing, but then there is a good chance I would think he was amazing even if he was still crawling and not talking.. So I have no idea what actually is amazing! I am dead impressed with him though tbh πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Sounds like Monkey is making great progress and will be in a good position when he goes to school. It’s really interesting to read about these milestones and we’re a bit behind with Tilly being a little over two and is now learning letters and starting to build some associations.
    I found your post via #SSAmazingAchievements.

  3. This is fantastic and you have made me think I need to start getting some of the books out for Ethan. Ethan’s favorite logo is MasterCard and that is said very loudly when ever he sees the logo. Everyone now knows when you are paying by credit card! I think you are doing exactly the right thing and you need to run with it. I have no idea if he is early or anything as we do things in our own time ;0) x

    • haha bless him that’s so cute. Thanks lovely I think you are right and I have no clue either and I doubt it really matters! xx

  4. Wow this is really good. My daughter is 4 and just staring to show an interest in reading. Like your son she loves books and has quite the collection. If we see a sign or notice board she needs to know what it says. I love when kids want to know more. ☺

  5. Aw it’s so nice to see him so keen to learn to read. He is doing brilliantly. He is little, but I would just follow what he is wanting to do naturally himself, take his lead πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  6. Aww well done Monkey. Everyone learns at their own pace and it’s great that he’s showing such an interest. It will stand him in good stead for Reception, which will gallop round. It good that he’s learning the sounds too as its all about the phonics.
    We were forever pointing out numbers on doors/buses/prices and it really moved T along quickly.
    Thanks for linkung up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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  8. That is certainly something to be really proud about, especially since he hasn’t even started school yet πŸ™‚ And when he does, I’m sure he’ll ace it too πŸ™‚ #loudnproud.

  9. Clever boy! Luka was the same at this age, really wanted to read and as soon as he went to school he was away. Bella has just turned 3 and has no interest at all! We’re working on couting right now πŸ™‚ x x x

    • Aww it’s amazing how they are all so different isn’t it and I do think so much of it comes from them and doing things at their pace x

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