A Big Bus Adventure to the Library

Monkey loves buses. He seriously LOVES buses. We have loads of toy buses and he gets massively excited whenever he sees a bus. It could be a real bus – which he will shout and point and clap and wave to – or a bus in a book or on the TV, which again he will shout and point and clap and wave to. Bless him it is very cute.

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We don’t go on buses very often mainly because in our area to get anywhere by bus takes at least 3 times as long and is way more expensive than going by car. He has been on buses before – but not since our holiday in the summer. I have been meaning to take him on a bus for a while but we are generally pretty busy and I’ve just not got round to it.

On a no-plans Thursday however I decided it was time for our Big Bus Adventure. I didn’t want to take him too far and the local library is on the bus route, and I vaguely remembered they do a story time on Thursday Mornings so I thought it would be nice to combine the two. The library is actually about 2-3 mins away in the car, maybe 5 mins by bus (plus all the waiting time either end) but it cost us £2.40 to get there and back. At adult walking speed it only takes about 15 mins to walk… so you can see why we don’t get the bus very often!!

But it was a treat for Monkey and he was very excited when the bus came to the stop, and gave a big clap as it came up.

PicMonkey Collage this one

He sat very seriously all the way there and I was explaining that it stops to let people on/off etc.


The library wasn’t open when we got there  so even though it was freezing cold we had a little play outside first.

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We had a lovely time at the library – he goes with Nanny and Grandpops to a rhyme time session most weeks but it was the first time we had been to Story Time, and they read one of his favourite Spot books which was lovely and he really enjoyed it. We had a look at some of the many lovely books they have there, but bless him he just kept getting excited to see some of the books we have at home. No matter how I tried to get him interested in other books he was obsessed by Dear Zoo and Dear Santa! Bless him! I did manage to tear him away from his faves though and we checked out a couple of other books on his library card to bring home with us.

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There was more excitement for the bus journey home and it takes a slightly longer loop home so we got a few more pics of him enjoying the ride! 🙂

PicMonkey Collage 4

And that was the end of our big bus adventure, bye bye bus! 🙂



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37 thoughts on “A Big Bus Adventure to the Library

  1. How wonderful! My son loves buses, well any transport actually, but honestly he hates going on them-been on twice and he cried the whole time both times telling anyone who would listen that he wanted to get off!!

    • Awww no! Bless him! That’s why I only planned a short journey, for fear he’d be like that too but thankfully he was pretty happy. Bless him though! xx

  2. Aw it’s the little things the kids love isn’t it. My sons love buses too and we spend most Saturday at Leeds City Library which is amazing with its own Children’s section and they even allow the kids to stamp their own books. Lovely post!

  3. Aww how lovely, sounds like he had the best time on that bus. I’m ashamed to say I’ve not taken POD on a bus yet. She’d probably love it too! Great post, thank you for sharing #whatsthestory

    • He really did! Not it makes me feel better for not having been on one before now! I bet she would love it though 🙂 Thanks for hosting a lovely linky 🙂 xx

    • It was, so simple but so fun 🙂 Aww well I don’t blame them, more fun than just the back seat of a car I guess! 🙂

  4. Ah, my little girl loves buses and the library too! Our local library overlooks the bus station which is a double whammy! I think she prefers seeing buses and loudly announcing they’re there rather than actually being on them – probably my fault as she’s usually stuck in the buggy when we’re actually on one! Love the pictures.

    • Ha ha brilliant double whammy! 🙂 Yeah I think Monkey prefers seeing them, though it’s a bit of a rare adventure going on one! Thanks 🙂 xx

  5. Aw look at his face sitting on the bus!!!lovely idea!!!Natalia loves busses too..think we just need to sell our cars..haha.they be soo happy on the buses:))

    • haha thank you! Just something simple but he did love it! Aww I’m sure Natalia would love it soo… i’m not ready to give up my car though! xxx

    • thank you, it was great fun but yes too expensive to be a regular occurance, which is a bit bonkers really isn’t it? xx

    • I know I was thinking that while we were there, I am so glad they are still around and hope they are for a long time to come xx

  6. My dad is a bus fan, so I was brought up with tons of bus adventures. My kids have only had a few bus trips though.
    Looks like you both had a really lovely adventure together.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  7. Oh bless him, can he have a little chat with my son and explain how much fun buses are please?! I agree with you about the costs, but when our only choice for travel is the bus and my son refuses to ride on them, it’s a touch frustrating to say the least 🙂

  8. Looks like he had a fantastic time! We get the bus quite a lot as learning to drive is still on my to do list… It always takes way longer than it would just to jump in a car but it does have the added bonus of making even the simplest journey feel like an adventure! 🙂

  9. Caroline JJ has loved buses ever since I can remember – then he branched out to trains and I’m sure he’d love planes too!! You’ve made me realise that I could have re-blogged my post on our little adventure on the train to Hampton Court and then back on the boat! Similar to your theory that its not really worth getting the bus (except for an excited toddler!) we realised that the train journey to Hampton Court took us round most of a circle which ends at my parents house. To get there by car would be 5 minutes – train ride more like half an hour with one change of train! But can you imagine what a great adventure that was for JJ? EJ was pretty unimpressed mind you 🙂 #TheThemeGame

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