Listening to Music in the car

Monkey loves music. has done since he was tiny. You can see him singing to music in his head sometimes as he dances along to ‘wind the bobbin up’ or ‘twinkle twinkle’ doing all the hand movements!

He has quite particular tastes though and is happy to let me know when he doesn’t like the music that is on in the car or something – generally by lots of whining. Heaven forbid if we have the radio on and I don’t realise that a song has finished and there’s talking on instead, he gets very stroppy!

But what I love his the way he reacts to a song he likes coming on the radio. They are very rarely songs he has heard before, and they do vary, but he likes music with a strong beat, particularly a good rock song. As a lover of rock music it makes me dead happy and proud, when a heavy guitar rift comes on the radio and I hear my little boy behind me clapping and shouting ‘yeeeeeaaaaahhh’ haha. So daft but I love it, so that’s my ordinary moment this week!

Not the best pic I’m afraid, hubby was driving on this day Β and monkey was moving a lot, but, you get the idea πŸ™‚




18 thoughts on “Listening to Music in the car

  1. Aww bless! My two have always likes a good beat too – Elms’s absolute favourite, will sooth her when nothing else will do is The Buggles, Video Killed the Radio Star – it’s hilarious how quickly it works when all the Twinkle twinkles in the world crash and burn!

  2. Hahaha, we also love listening to music in the car, we went through a stage where we had to listen to the In The Night Garden CD which was so annoying, but if it pleases them then why not!

    • Ha ha oh I know what you mean, we had a nursery cd on repeat for months, now it’s on occasionally. Like you, say, whatever makes them happy! xx

  3. Oh yes, I love this, too! Boo likes ‘her music’ on in the car, but when I rebel and put mine on or the radio, I love seeing Little Man dance along to it πŸ™‚

    • Thanks haha it’s great isn’t it? Ha ha well nothing wrong with that, perhaps I should have mentioned that for ages his favourite song was by Olly Murs! πŸ™‚ xx

  4. I love this! My ones love a good song or two in the car too. I think there’s something about confined spaces that make people feel safe to rock out!

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