Proud of my Monkey

I only wrote an update on what Monkey is up to at the moment last week, but then he went and did two things that made me so darn proud to be his Mummy that I just have to share them.

Standing up for himself

We went on a playdate to one of our fave soft play places last week with good friends. Monkey and his friend were having a lovely time going up the steps and down the slide while us Mums were having a natter and playing with LM. Then to my right I suddenly sawย an altercation.

A little boy, younger than Monkey but walking and talking (so difficult to gauge age) hit Monkey. I’m not sure why but Monkey was half climbing the step and had turned back and the little boy was standing on the floor and had hit him. Instead of hitting back, Monkey loudly and clearly said “Stop it!” to the other little boy (I hung back, it is always good to see if things can be sorted between themselves). Unfortunately the other boy then spat in Monkey’s direction and actually slapped him in the face.

Of course I intervened and started to say “Excuse me, that is not nice” but the boy’s daddy ran over and told him off and made him apologise. The point though? My lovely Monkey didn’t hit back, didn’t retaliate, but he did stand up for himself, using words, not violence.

That made me HUGELY proud of him. So proud it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. His skin is like mine and turns red very easily so he had a bright red cheek for a while and the thought of him being hurt by another child also makes me quite protective!

I was also proud as he didn’t let it bother him. He didn’t get upset by it or stop playing. In the not too distant past an altercation like this would have really rattled Monkey. He would have been scared of the other child and of all other children for a while. This time last year he was terribly afraid of other children after being knocked over. So the fact that he was absolutely fine afterwards is just another sign of how grown up my little Monkey is getting. Definitely a proud mummy moment!


Naming his drawings

Slightly less dramatic but another proud moment was when Monkey was doing some painting at the weekend. He actually started toย tellย me what he was drawing. In the past when i have asked him what he is drawing or painting he has sort of looked blankly while he splodged paint around and said “I don’t know.”

This time though I didn’t even ask but he proudly announced that one painting was a plane, “Dusty Crophopper” from the film Planes to be precise, and that the blue splodges were footprints.


Then, my favourite, he painted a rocket ship with fire coming out of it!


His imagination is really growing lately and he is coming on leaps and bounds all the time and may be a daft one but again I was just so so proud of him for drawing actual things and telling me what they were.

Oh yes and here he is really proud of his “rainbow finger” too.


I love being his Mummy ๐Ÿ™‚

My word of the week this week is, proud.

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23 thoughts on “Proud of my Monkey

  1. These are both amazing things to be proud of! I always tell my son to only use words when someone troubles him. And it’s great that Monkey explained his art to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aw, you should be proud. He sounds like a lovely kind boy and it’s wonderful to see him stand up for himself in the right way, exactly what you want your child to do.
    Love his painting too. x

  3. It’s such an exciting moment when they start talking about their drawings and you can actually recognise what they’re talking about! Well done him for the perfect reaction to the slapping incident. Justifiably proud all round. #MiniCreations

  4. Both amazing achievements. I am shocked about that other child, but glad that the father stepped in. There are many parents who wouldn’t bat an eyelid if their child behaved like that.

    Laura x x x

  5. Well done Monkey!! You should be proud – I’m not sure if my two would have been as restrained although mostly if someone ever pushed them or name called JJ would come to me and I would tell him to stay away from said child! I don’t think EJ does enough drawing/painting to have got to this stage yet. To be honest even JJ is only just starting to draw recognisable things and he’s five! :-). As long as you don’t tell me that Monkey has successfully redecorated your house for you I won’t feel too inadequate ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously though, what a clever, emotionally intelligent boy you are raising. X

    • Thanks lovely haha no redecorating… though he did um “decorate” the table at our holiday home with crayons – thankfully it washed off though! xx

    • yeah not sure if it is a fluke or whether it will always be the case, but I was very proud of him! xx

  6. Oh Caroline these are lovely little things to be super proud of. Not retaliating at soft play is amazing, because let’s face it, it can be a bit law of the jungle in those places. Fab paintings too, and a step forward in telling you what they are. What a great week hon xxx #loudandproud

  7. Aww holding back and letting him stand up for himself must have been tough but wow! He did a great job! I’d be so proud too. Bless him. It’s lovely seeing him growing up and becoming more independent xx #wotw

  8. Ah, clever and lovely Monkey! I’d be so proud, too. I really struggle when I see other kids being mean to mine, though I know it’s all a part of growing up for them. It makes me so protective. Well done to Monkey as that was a great response, and like you. I’d have been worried about it affecting play after that, so it sounds like Monkey’s come a long way there, too. And lovely painting! x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  9. What fantastic achievements for Monkey. I think its fantastic that he stood up for himself and it didn’t bother him. We are still having issues because of a soft play incident. I love his paintings, I’m sure they have pride of place on your fridge.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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