Enjoying getting out and about again! 22 months old

With the combination of sunnier weather, and my new pelvis support, Monkey and I have been out and about loads over the last week.

We’ve played in the sand in our neighbour’s garden…


and popped to the park near our friend’s house.

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Monkey and my friend’s little girl always play really nicely together, even though she’s just over a year older. Although this week she got cross with him trying to play with her favourite train, then he got a bit nervous of her! Bless ’em! Sure it’ll be fine again next time!


Then Thursday our plans with friends were cancelled last minute due to poorliness 🙁 so we popped to a local country park, which I knew had built a new play area that opened for the easter holidays. What I didn’t realise was that the whole play area was basically a big sand pit!


Monkey had fun, then fell on his knees in a big water play are (thankfully we had spare trousers in the bag!).

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The only problem was that with it being the Easter Holidays it was pretty chaotic in there! We were playing on the slide and there were some bigger kids fooling around on there too which made me a little wary. It was quite a wide slide and they were going down in groups and sideways and tumbling all over the place irrelevant of the tiny tots also wanting to go on the slide. I was keeping a close eye as Monkey desperately wanted to go down the slide. He went down a couple of times then got bashed from behind before he had a chance to get off the bottom of the slide (Monkey was fine). I had a calm word with the boy (who I guess was around 7 or 8?) to just be a bit careful around the little one and then less than 30s later the same boy completely knocked monkey over, face first onto the wooden steps.

Cue lots of bawling from Monkey and I have to admit I got a bit cross with the boy in question. I know he didn’t mean it but it seemed so careless. There were cries of “It was so and so’s fault” and I think I said something like “I don’t care whose fault it was, you all need to be less selfish and more careful around the little ones.” He ran off to his grandparents but with Monkey screaming his head off I don’t think they objected to my calm telling off! Hate having to do it but couldn’t pretend it was ok, the play area was for all ages and they just need to be at least aware of what they are doing around little ones and considerate to others. Maybe I expect too much of them?

Anyway after that Monkey was a bit more wary of the play area so we went for a run around with his ball! He is great at kicking it now and is a good dribbler (in more ways than one as he still needs dribble bibs, eye roll!) .

WP_20140417_11_36_49_Pro WP_20140417_11_36_43_Pro

Then we played peepo around some trees.


Before going to watch some kites flying, which he found fascinating, and see the little miniature railway.

WP_20140417_11_51_51_Pro WP_20140417_11_52_38_Pro

Then it was time to go home!

WP_20140417_11_57_15_Pro WP_20140417_11_57_19_Pro

It’s been lovely getting out and about a bit more! What have you been up to with your little ones outdoors lately?

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22 thoughts on “Enjoying getting out and about again! 22 months old

  1. Ah yes, so nice to be able to go to parks and other fun outdoor activities with the little ones! I get cross with bigger kids in places like this too (and indoor softplays) and you think that maybe there should be someone supervising them and teaching them to be more considerate human beings to others but then I wonder whether I won’t just be so relieved that my kids are old enough not to need my eye on them constantly in a playground at that age that I’ll just be off in a far corner with a good book!! On the flip side I have had little girls of 9 or 10 take one or the other of my boys under their wing in a play area and do a bit of mothering so that’s always nice!

    • Glad it’s not just me, though I agree and I will probably be the same when they are older, and I know they didn’t mean any harm really! xx

  2. Glad to hear you are getting out and about more. That sand play area looks awesome, bet you’re still shaking out sand! Shame about the older kids but sounds like you handled it well.

    • Thank you, it’s difficult to know what to say or do sometimes but When they had actually hurt him i couldn’t keep quiet! Oh yes there was sand in his shoes for days!! xx

    • It really is a great place and we are lucky to have it so close, will look forward to letting him explore there properly on a sunny day! xx

  3. It’s hard to let them go and push their physical boundaries, isn’t it? I was always afraid they’d get hurt. Now mine are older I always try and remind them to be careful of others. Sometimes they just get excited and a bit boisterous.

    • This is it, I know they didn’t mean any harm really, Monkey is usually pretty good about being bashed and bumped but I just felt they were really not paying attention the littlies around them so couldn’t stop myself having a word when they actually hurt him!

  4. Hooray for the Spring sunshine and plenty of fun outdoors! Lovely photos of Monkey having a wonderful time and as you say it’s getting very busy over the Easter break with bigger children sharing the same space as toddlers. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    • Absolutely! thank you, he had so much fun, but yes I have to admit I am looking forward to slightly calmer play areas when the big kids are back at school! xx

    • Thanks Karen, he did really enjoy it, he’s been a bit shy of other children at play areas ever since though unfortunately! I’m sure he’ll forget all about it soon enough though xx

  5. That sandpit playground looks incredible! Sorry you had a bit of a negative experience there… maybe you should take him back now all the big kids are back in school?! Those pictures at the end of him blowing kisses are stunning… gorgeous sky in the background too! Thanks so much for linking up to #SavouringtheSeason

    • Thank you, I loved those pics too, he was being such a cutie! Yeah I keep meaning to but have been to a few other play areas, he’s being a bit nervous around other kids as a result of being knocked over I think, but hopefully he’ll get more confident again soon! xx

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