I walk the line..

Monkey is growing up so much at the moment and really acting more like a little boy than a toddler. He is just playing a lot more, and in so many ways, doing things I remember doing as a child. He has quite a neat and tidy streak and likes things to line up in a row and be neat, and also he does something which I remember doing a lot of as a kid – walking the line.

Be it on the edge of a curb, on a wall, on a line on the pavement, Monkey loves walking on the line and staying on the line. There is a little local shopping centre we go to where this is the most evident. Its quite a run down little centre, there is  Wilkos and a QD, and it also happens to be home to the local library where Monkey goes every Monday for rhyme time with Nanny & Pops. They often have a wander round the shops while they are there too and it is quite nearby so a handy place to pop to, so we go wuite a bit.

In the middle of the open sort of courtyard area there is I guess a drain, but it is a thin silver line which Monkey loves to walk along. He has been doing it for ages, and I am not really sure when it started or who he started doing it with but now if we go there he has to walk the line.

He is so cute and gets massively excited, running off shouting “Walk the Line” which sounds more like ” Walk a Yine, Walk  Yine!” He has to go all the way to the end too.

We popped there in the week and I fianlly managed to (remember to) catch it on camera!

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I just love that he gets so much pleasure out of something so simple! He does it all the time when we are out on walks, if there is a line to be walked on, he will find it and walk on it!

Do your kids do that?

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21 thoughts on “I walk the line..

  1. It is so great to capture these ordinary outdoor moments, they are the things you remember into adult hood. I still remember doing this myself and not stepping on the cracks! My own children enjoyed the same fun crossing pavements like this. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. I’m not sure any of mine have a line yet but I definitely remember doing something similar as a kid myself, or alternatively stepping to avoid the cracks! There’s just something irresistible about following a pattern isn’t there!

    • There really is sin;t there? I wonder if it is something all kids do, or if it is a personality thing? Monkey definitely has quite a neat ordered mind, he loves things to be lined up straight! xx

    • haha I know, hubs is obsessed and desperately wants him to pronounce his Ls and Ts correctly, but I am sure he will learn soon enough! xx

  3. Ah I love this, simple things really make them happy don’t they? Mads has a thing at the moment where she won’t walk on the cracks. It does mean it takes us ages to get anywhere though. 😉 These are the kind of little things that you will be so happy you recorded when he is all grown up. x

    • Haha I bet, I know, I am in a zone at the moment where I am worried about forgetting all of hs little quirks so am loving recording them!! xx

  4. Its so lovely watching them do really simple things and getting so much happiness out of it. Z does this and lags behind as we’re walking and I sometimes forget why he’s taking so much time. Its because he’s seen something really tiny that’s caught his attention

  5. So lovely! Arthur’s exploring is still a bit haphazard, though he does have a real thing with ‘baby chairs’ when we’re out and about (i.e. anything he can sit on). It’s awesome how they make you see the world so differently 🙂 x

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