Me and Mine May 2015

For this month’s me and mine I had originally planned to use a photo from a family photoshoot that we had planned last weekend… but with poorly children, and poorly us too in the end, we had to cancel and rearrange that :/. So instead I asked my little brother to grab a snap of the four of us at Monkey’s birthday party.

The results are amusing as Monkey was not in the mood to sit still at all so he took a little bit of restraining. Considering how poorly hubs was he looks surprisingly ok, while I look a complete mess with my hair all over the place! We were about to put LM down for her nap so it was very much impromptu and I didn’t even have time to look in the mirror lol!

So here we are, in the order they were taken.


Mummy not ready…


Monkey being restrained…


Mummy & Daddy trying to make the children smile


Mummy resorting to tickling Monkey – probably my favourite shot of the bunch!


Arguably the best pic of everyone else but the worst one of me!


And he’s off – photoshoot over lol!

I do like our growing collection of family photos sat on our snuggle chair in the living room and would love to keep taking shots like this as the children grow – but will try and get a shot taken somewhere else next time I think – just to mix things up a little!

dear beautiful

17 thoughts on “Me and Mine May 2015

  1. They are fantastic pictures, especially the tickling ones and I love the idea of having a whole series in your pretty blue chair – you could make a stop motion to watch everyone growing up!

  2. I love the photos on the chair. It will be lovely to see you all as the children get older especially still sitting on your knees at 15 🙂
    I hope you get the professional one done soon but I do like these ones xx

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