Birthday Celebrations

My word this week is a great one, it is Celebrations, because we have had a week full of birthday celebrations!

Last week my little big boy Monkey turned 3! Sadly the poor thing was terribly poorly (believe me, poorly could easily have been this week’s word too as we have all been suffering) with a stonking cold and conjunctivitis, so it was a very chilled out birthday at home with a visit from his grandparents for lunch and an uncle & aunt in the early evening.

Monkey birthday 1

Saturday was the big celebration though with lots of family round for his party. He was so excited bless him and even though he was nowhere near 100% he was feeling a lot better, though by then poor hubs was really suffering. I made a Lightning McQueen cake, which didn’t work out quite as I hoped it would, but you could tell what it was meant to look like and Monkey loved it (and everyone said it tasted nice) so that’s all that matters.

Monkey's birthday party

It was a lovely family day with yummy food and lots of fun 🙂 Monkey was a lucky boy with lots of very lovely pressies and lots of attention from all his favourite people. We spent most of the time inside until Monkey commanded that we all went outside. “Let’s go outside, with Mummy and Daddy and Lots of Family!” When people weren’t forthcoming he stood in the doorway shouting “come on everybody!” lol love him.

Sunday was a fairly chilled day at home then Monday saw more birthday celebrations for my Father-in-law’s birthday. Another lovely happy family day at Grangranny and Granddaddy’s house.

Before we left we had got out a bag of hand-me-down clothes for LM who is growing all the time and found this gorgeous little tutu. I just couldn’t resist dressing her in it and she looked so cute in it! Granny loved her little pink princess and LM was so good even though she was really coming down with the cold by then and had conjunctivitis too.Granddaddy's birthday

Thursday saw the celebrations continue with one of Monkey’s friends turning 4 and a birthday party at a soft play centre. It got off to a very bad start with Monkey throwing the mother of all tantrums as he didn’t want to go. He screamed continuously in the car and made himself sick. I was so stressed and so angry…. but thankfully he perked up a little when he saw some friends and a piece of cake later he was much better and had great fun on the soft play. All that stress and hassle for absolutely no reason, toddlers eh?

Thankfully two of my best Mummy friends were there (we missed our very heavily pregnant friend that makes up our foursome but at nearly 40wks pregnant she understandably couldn’t make it!) and they helped remind me that they have had days like it with their kids recently too and as always it’s just nice to support each other. LM was cute again in her tutu and it was fun, though obviously ever so slightly chaotic with a bunch of kids at soft play! I was shattered by the end of it but Monkey was happy and we did have a lovely time so I am very glad we went.

soft play party 2

This marks the end of a couple of months full of birthdays of family members and friends. In April we have 6 and in May there are 8! (there may be a 9th depending on when my friend’s baby arrives) So it is full of fun but also is a lot of birthdays in a short space of time. There are only 2 in June and none in July so I have to admit it will be nice to have less birthdays to think about for a while.

Do you have a time of year where there are more birthdays than any other?

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29 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. Ah – lovely celebrations Caroline! I wish we lived closer together so we could meet up – I am so dying to give that Little Miss a cuddle 🙂 I wonder how Monkey and EJ would get on – there is only two months between them but I think Monkey seems streets ahead of EJ in many ways and then I think EJ is maybe a bit more rough and tumble than Monkey so I definitely see different temperaments there although tantrums are universal unfortunately! I think with ante-natal friends there is always going to be a rush of birthdays isn’t there? Ours will come in late August, early September. Hope you are all a bit on the mend now hon Xx

  2. Wow it does look like it was a very busy week of celebrating birthdays. So sorry to hear that Monkey was poorly for his birthday but sounds like he enjoyed himself in spite of it and I love his birthday cake! LM looks so adorable in her tutu and I love the photo of her concentrating on the balls in the ball pond. Hope you have time to relax over the weekend and recover from all the celebrations x

  3. Ooh lots of celebrating to be done, how lovely. Happy birthday to Monkey, shame everyone was feeling under the weather during the celebrations!
    It’s always the way that all birthdays seem to fall at one time, isn’t it? x

  4. Ah, such a lovely week, poorliness aside. Looks like lot of fun and I’m glad Monkey was a bit better for his party, too. Next month is mine, the husband’s and our nephews birthday, but it’s really the autumn when most of our family birthdays all stack up! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. Apart from the poorliness, it sounds like a week full of happiness. We have birthdays pretty much spread throughout the year-although my daughter’s birthday is at the end of term in July and that is always a busy time 🙂 x

  6. Aww bless him 🙂 glad he enjoyed his birthday despite being ill, after all Lightening McQueen cakes are well known for their making things better properties 😀
    I have lots of birthdays next month..

  7. Sounds like a lovely week, even with the illnesses! We’ve been having LOTS of those crazy toddler moments with Arthur recently too… Gotta love mummy friends for helping you put it all in perspective 🙂 xx

  8. Aww bless poor monkey. You can see how tired his little eyes are. Seems like he perked up and enjoyed himself. LM looks ones again edible in the tutu…little cutie. We had tonnes of birthdays in May too! Busy times. Hope you all feel a bit better now xx #wotw

  9. Glad you had a good week of celebrations in spite of the illnesses – it’s hard when they’re little, you can almost guarantee that someone will be poorly! I think your car cake looks great! It’s so hard making them into the shapes of things. I still have nightmares about the green tractor I made one year – never again! x

  10. Oh happy belated birthday! Looks like he had an amazing time! Lovely photos.. Popping over from the #ordinarymoments linky xx

  11. Wow what a lovely load of birthday celebrations- what a busy week of fun but I am sorry that Monkey was a bit under the weather all week, and poorly on his birthday. I love all these treasured photos of fun, they all just exude happiness. x

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  14. So sorry the kids have been poorly but great to hear you’ve not let in dominate your week and you have enjoyed it regardless. Lovely photo’s ( I love the tutu) x #WotW

  15. Ahh poor little chap! Always the illness happens when something it planned! Nightmare, but it looks like you all had fun 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #bestandworst and hope to see you again next week!

    Helen X

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