Monkey’s Musings at 28 mths

Regular readers will know that Monkey was a late talker, and there was a time when I worried about his speech development. Then he started talking and let’s just say that I certainly don’t worry anymore – he is a real chatterbox these days and we love it!

So I thought I would share with you some of our favourite words and phrases that he has come out with lately. Questions seem to be the order of the day lately, he is so inquisitive!

 “What you doin there?”

This has to be one of our favourites, and he says it all the time. He has been sayong it for a while but it very much came out as one word so we didn;t really realise what he was saying at first. A very garbled “whauodoiere” was how it started. Eventually we realised what he was saying and his pronunciation is getting clearer by the day. He walks into a room, “Hi Mummy/Daddy, what you doin there?”  He has been sat next to us on the sofa watching TV and will suddenly ask “what you doin there Mummy?” We walk into his bedroom after nap time “what you doin there?” It’s hilarious and another situation where we have realised we must ask him that question quite a lot – as he can only have picked it up from us!

“What’s dat noise?”

Another pretty constant question, generally accompanied with a hand up to his ear. Sometimes it is easy to answer, it’s an aeroplane, it’s a lawnmower, it’s the TV etc, other times it is a bit harder. In the bathy one evening, one of the millions of toys he had in the bath was making a slight noise and the question was repeated endlessly. I heard Daddy try to respond a few times but onviously Monkey wasn’t convinced by his answer so kept asking, and asking, and asking and eventually there was a very loud “I don’t know! It’s just one of your toys!” coming from Daddy as the repetitive question started to drive him completely potty.

My favourite instance was one morning when Daddy woke up early, around 6.30am, I was snoozing happily so Daddy crept out the room trying not to disturb me or Monkey. But it seemed Monkey was already awake and heard Daddy open our door, as immediately there was a shout of “What dat noise? Daddy? Daddy?” from behind Monkey’s door! Lol! Poor Daddy not a minute’s peace!

“What dat?”

Sometimes accompanying “what’s dat noise?” sometimes just about everything and anything. He has to know what everything is! At least we aren’t at the why stage yet, “What’s dat” is usually easier to answer… though not always!!

He really is at the stage where he repeats nearly everything we say and likes to narrate his little life. When we were out playing with bubbles the other day I was chuckling away to myself as he ran after them shouting: “can’t get” “too high” “come back.” It was just so cute!

He  can also be quite demanding and he knows what he wants. Generally revolving around food but I was quite impressed when he  woke up from his nap one day last week and said “Hi Mummy, cup a tea?” We are working on please and thank you, though please currently sounds more like “twease” and thank you is more of an “apfu” somehow. We are getting there though!

Then there are the more random outbursts. One of the most common outbursts is

“PatJessTedBen!” usually shouted as an exclamation. Sometimes when he is angry or upset, or disappointed it’s “Oh no! Oh dear me! PatJessTedBen!” We know he loves Postman Pat but quite why this has become his exclamation of choice I have no idea. It actually started off just as Pat, then PatJess, then PatJessTed, and now has been PatJessTedBen for a while. We keep wondering whether another character will be added. Ajay perhaps? or Charlie?

I could probably go on forever, but these are some of our current favourites. I love being able to have sort of conversatiosn with him and his little personality really shines through with all his chattiness.

What little phrases do you love to hear from your little one?

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31 thoughts on “Monkey’s Musings at 28 mths

  1. Oh, we have the ‘whats daaaaaat’ too lol, so funny. Must be hilarious to hear him saying ‘what you doing there?’, such a grown up phrase for a little one, amazing what they pick up! #SSAmazingAchievements

    • It is hilarious, cracks me up every time he says it bless him 0 love hearing little ones with grown up phrases, so cute! xx

  2. That is so cute! My little monkey is like a language sponge she picks up everything from everywhere, recent phrases include “apparently” and “stablise” both used in the correct context too which makes me giggle (and be proud too) unfortunately its sometimes some of Daddy’s vocabulary that make their way out of her mouth – then they are BOTH in trouble!

    • haha I love those phrases, it’s incredible how they pick things up, and say them back in the right context! Always amazes me! xx

  3. Aww they’re such cute little phrases! We got lots of “what doing Daddy?” when Kitty was smaller – usually asked several times if she didn’t like the original answer!

  4. Some of mine began with cute phrases and others with nouns and pointing, funny how they all come to language differently, shame we can’t find the same different approaches to teaching foreign languages at school level. Popping by from small steps amazing achievements

    • It’s fascinating to see we all learn language in our own way I guess but you’re right, at school it’s more of a one size fits all approach, as with so many things! xx

  5. Found you on Blog hop. My favourite when our daughter started talking 12 years ago was ‘whatever’. She even did it with a shoulder shrug. Attitude hasn’t changed much, just the altitude she says it from.

  6. It’s just so cute! We get pweece and kanku (for please and thank you) and lots of luff oo! Which is very gratifying! The why? phase is completely exasperating at times (obv haven’t had this yet with EJ! What joys await!) xx

    • aw so cute! Luff oo is brilliant, we don;t really get that yet :/ but I am sure we will. Yeah I am not looking forward to the why phase I have to admit! xx

  7. I love this and I have to admit I’m jealous. Speech opens up such a massive connection, it sounds like you are having so much fun together now Money has reached this milestone. Even if it gets a little much for Daddy at times lol

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • Thanks lovely and I can definitely understand how you feel, it must be so hard. We are loving the chatting I have to admit! xx

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