Our Little Toddler – 11 mths

So a little while ago I wrote that our baby girl had taken her first steps, and she has been wanting to walk more and more since then but she hadn’t quite had the confidence to really go for it – preferring to hold on to Mummy or Daddy. Suddenly though this week that has completely changed.

In one day she went from doing maybe 7 unaided steps at a time to literally walking around the whole house. I text hubs at work as I knew he wouldn’t believe the difference in the space of 1 day! So now she is everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I turn around and there are literally moments of “where is she?” and  run off to find her in the showerroom standing banging on the glass, or in the new utility room trying to eat a receipt.


So childproofing has become uber important again as she really does want to explore every inch of the world now that she can, and at this point in time she currently wants to put EVERYTHING in her mouth. So the floor is being swept multiple times a day to prevent her eating any bits of stickers or dirt that has been walked in, stairgates and doorgates are being shut and I need eyes in the back of my head!! Letting her roam around outside is interesting as she loves it but she makes a beeline for stones and dirt and wants to put them straight in her mouth.

toddling outside

We say no but she is so cheeky that she just finds it funny and gives a big grin and carries on doing it anyway, grrr. So I sound like a broken record, no don’t eat that, no not in your mouth, over and over and over again!

I love seeing her toddle about though it just shows how much she is growing up and becoming less and less of a baby now. Her brother is adoring her newfound skill and is so proud of her for “walking all by herself!” For the first time ever they played together in his playhouse, playing peepo through the windows and they both loved it. Monkey enjoyed it so much that he ran up to her and shouted ” can I give you a cuddle?” and then squeezed her so tightly. Melted my heart I can tell you! They are going to be such lovely playmates for each other and I already love seeing them have fun together.


I remember feeling that walking was such a game changer when Monkey started walking properly, and it is a game changer again now but a new phase that I am so looking forward to – though it certainly brings challenges of his own!


9 thoughts on “Our Little Toddler – 11 mths

  1. Oh I could cry at the hugging photos. So cute.
    I am dreading this. George is crawling at 8 months and this is bad enough. I just know he will be an early walker too. I feel so lucky with Boo now. She crawled at 14 months and walked at 22 months. G is payback 😉 It is amazing how things can click in a day.

    Thanks for linking up my darling #MaternityMondays

  2. So lovely to see LM walking about (although definitely has its challenges!) and I love the photos of her and Monkey playing together in the playhouse and having a cuddle – what an adorable moment 🙂

  3. Yes, it is amazing how they suddenly go from a few steps to nailed it in the space of hours! They’re so sweet together! My eldest likes to hold the little one’s hand and walk now little one can walk. This rarely goes well, & invariably leads to little one getting pulled over, but it’s nice she wants to hold her hand! #SSAmazingAchievements

  4. This is so sweet, I love the photos of Monkey giving her cuddles. Walking really is a game changer. I was only thinking today where has my baby gone. Walking really makes them toddlers. Well done little lady.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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