LM’s first steps at 10 mths

Yep our little lady is walking! She has been walking holding on to our hands for a while and has clearly been desperate to walk… and now she has started. She took a couple of steps a few days ago to a bed upstairs but it was sort of a “did she?” moment between Daddy and I. Then this weekend she has really been going for it.

She walked to me first and then spent ages getting way too excited about her achievement and throwing herself forwards instead, lol! Then she took a couple of steps to Daddy, then to her Uncle Simon and then she was on a roll. If we try and stand her up she doesn’t get her balance right and she just flies as she tries to run rather than walk. But if she stand herself up and gets her balance she can do it. Here is a little clip of her (you may have seen some of it on social media) during her first attempts.

The most she has managed so far is 6 steps but I know that this will soon be expanding. I have just been reading back to when Monkey really took off walking at 11 months. It was April 27th, 2013 when I wrote that he was starting to walk, then on May 14th 2013 that I said he was walking pretty independently (I love having this record of the kiddies!) So I know this really is the start of toddlerdom.

It is qute a bitter sweet moment really. I am so proud of her and am looking forward to all of the fun that toddlerhood brings… but I am a tiny bit sad too. We have decided to not to have any more babies… for many, many reasons and I am 100% happy with that. But this means she is our last baby, and walking means she’s not really a baby anymore… she is becoming a toddler.

So I am drinking in her gorgeous, perfect, chubby baby thighs, and loving watching her little botty wobble as she crawls across the floor and trying to enjoy and memorise every moment.

LM end of baby days

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24 thoughts on “LM’s first steps at 10 mths

  1. She has walked so early! We waited 12 months for a first step and 15 months for toddling about! It’s so amazing. She looks so pleased with herself. Take it all in; especially those cute, chunky little thighs 🙂 xx Thanks for hosting xx

  2. Oh wow how cute is she! Keep writing and videoing and you’ll have the most amazing moments to look back on. #maternitymondays

    PS this scares me- my H is just over 9 months and getting closer and closer to this. #morebabyproofingrequired

  3. Aww how cute. Such a proud moment that she’s walking, but such a sad one that it’s the last. At least you’re jotting it all down and keeping it on record so you can remember these moments forever. She is so adorable!!!! xx #maternitymondays

  4. This is so adorable and I would imagine even more special since you have decided this is your last baby. My little lady is only getting around to standing up, so we are ages away from walking and that pleases me a little as I don’t think I am prepared for an actual toddling toddler just yet!

  5. Aw bless her! It’s great you have a record of all their milestones! I love looking back through my blog and realising how much Emma has developed. Treasure every crawling moment, once she’s walking she’ll be off! #MaternityMondays

  6. aww bless, she is so cute. Mine had only just started crawling at this age, although once she started walking there was no stopping her – I’m sure LM will be the same! x

  7. Oh what an amazing milestone! So exciting! But I know what you mean as they seem to transform to toddlerhood once the walking begins so it’s bittersweet.


    PS Thanks again for picking my post for your shout out this week, v sweet of you x

  8. Oh she is the cutest little thing ever. She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and such a milestone.
    I feel your pain my lovely. I felt a bit tearful reading this. I can’t bring myself to say no more yet but hubster is adamant 🙁

  9. Wow she is doing so well and I love her huge grin in the video – she is so proud of herself! I agree that these milestones are lovely but bittersweet too – you just want to hold on to each stage as they move on so quickly. So lovely to have the record of these moments in your blog to look back on later on though. #MaternityMondays

  10. Aww bless her!! She’s doing so well! Alfie walked at just under 12 months and I reckon Elarna will be much earlier as she’s starting to make attempts to call at 4 1/2 months, eek!! Will be keeping you on your toes hehe.


  11. She is so cute, it’s great to video these moments so you can look back on them. I found a video on my phone of my 6 year old when he was learning to walk, just melts my heart. #maternitymondays

  12. Ahh bless her, what a clever girlie! Love how pleased with herself she is too! Such a sweetie. Zach was practically running the day after he took his first steps! And he’s never stopped haha! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  14. She really does want to be on the move that is impressive. She looks so excited in the video, and I love her dress too! Our little ladies really have grown up so quickly, I can’t remember having a little baby now. Which is sad really as we too are sticking to two.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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