Little Miss at 4 weeks old

WP_20141118_09_38_01_ProLittle Miss is 4 weeks old today. The last 4 weeks seem to have both flown by and lasted forever, isn’t that just the way of it with newborn babies?

Colic has well and truly taken over too unfortunately. After spending a lot of time fretting about whether there was anything I could do to help or prevent the colic, at the weekend we reached a level of acceptance I think. We have to accept that our evenings and a lot of night times are spent trying to soothe a baby in pain. Horrible as it is, it is only for the next couple of months and then we know it gets better. We have been through it once with Monkey and we can get through it again.

Having said that, the last few days have been really tough. She is definitely worse when I have eaten dairy as on Monday night we had a really cheesy dinner. I didn’t even think about it as it was a meal made and frozen before she was born but it is made largely from milk and cheese. And well since then she has been really rough. That night was awful and Tuesday morning she did a weird jelly poo (sorry if TMI) and spent ย lot of the day in quite a lot of pain and therefore very unhappy.

Last night wasn’t awful though she was very restless between 4 and 6.30 an then we were up for the day. Today has been another really difficult day and I am glad Money has spent the day with my parents as I have spent the day soothing her. After a mega poo this afternoon she did manage a bit of a nap so I grabbed half an hour too but right now it is feeling like we have a long way to go. Hubs is trying to convince me that we are a 3rd of the way through the first 3 months, and on good days that feels do-able, but today 12 weeks feels like 8 long weeks away!

I am cutting diary out totally (no more chocolate, sob) in the hope that it stops the days like these at least. It’s not going to be easy though, I had to stop myself eating tonight’s meal which was lasagne! :(. Going to be difficult to get myself into the mindset of avoiding things with milk and cheese in! I don’t even know whether to start with butter, marge, or other things with dairy added to them!!

WP_20141113_17_12_03_ProOn the more positive side of life Little Miss is growing really well. She was weighed yesterday and is piling on the pounds, she is now 9lb 2 so that is lovely and is now in 0-3 mth clothes. She has lost some of that fragile newborn feeling and feels a lot more solid now.ย Her eyes have started to get lighter and now have a lovely light blue centre. As both sides of the family almost all have blue eyes we thought she probably would too and it is lovely to see them lightning. She quite enjoys a nice warm which is good as I remember Monkey hating them at this age!

She has smiled a lot with gas from the day she was born and though we know it is caused by gas it is lovely to get a glimpse of how she will look when those smiles are real. I can’t wait for that day, I remember seeing Monkey smile at me made all the hard times of his colic a little easier to cope with.

Monkey has really accepted that she is here and part of the family now. he keeps saying how cute she is and talks to her and about her quite a lot, which is very lovely. On the whole he is being a gem at the moment and coping well with getting less of Mummy’s attention.

WP_20141119_09_09_06_ProShe loves being in the carrier and is in there a lot each morning, and I would probably have her in there for more of the day except that my back and tummy muscles still can’t cope with it for too long yet. We went for a short walk this morning, and I mean seriously short and boy did I know about it afterwards. Most of time I feel pretty back to normal but when I have overdone it I am suddenly reminded of the fact that I have had major surgery and am not back to normal yet. My best friend and hubby keep telling me off for doing too much and I know they are right, but feel frustrated that I can’t easily do things that I want to yet.

She is less of a fan of being in the pushchair, as was provedย to my parents the other day when we went for a short walk together to the shops and she screamed nearly all the way there and back! They both said they had forgotten how loudly babies could scream. She really has a good pair of lungs on her, not sure she needed the steroid injections before she was born!!

So there we have it, Little Miss at 4 weeks old, the good, the bad and the ugly!

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  1. Oh hon those early days can be so tough when they’re screaming the house down! My eldest and youngest both had reflux so I feel your pain. Sounds like you’re doing a sterling job though and well done on your decision to cut out dairy – really hope it helps. There are tons of recipes on my two blogs if you need inspiration. Lots of love and hugs to you xxx

    PS. She’s absolutely adorable!!

  2. She is so adorable! I visited a friend of mine a couple of days ago, a first time mum, and she had her son 3 weeks ago. He has colic, too, and she’s struggling to get over an infection on her C-Section scar – I so felt for her, as I do you. The big difference is he’s her first, and that ‘acceptance’ you speak of is easier to reach, I found, with your second – do you think so? She’s trying cranial osteopathy with him, so is hoping that helps. Glad Monkey’s finding your Little Miss cute, and he’s quite right! Take care of yourself xx

  3. Aw Caroline you look so tired Hon. But I well remember those early days of colic with JJ – I was so miserable. But it never occurred to me to change my diet or anything. Thank goodness those days are relatively short lived although I know it doesn’t seem like it at the time. I was really an emotional basket case – you at least have seen this before, know a lot of strategies and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Plus, she’s blooming gorgeous – soooo cute – Monkey is right ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  4. 4 weeks already? She is such a beaut and is very similar to her big brother. I hope a change of diet will ease her colic, it is a really hard time to get through x #sharewithme

  5. Bless her. The time has really flown past! She is so gorgeous. Grace got really bad colic and I ended up giving her a dummy! It worked though – alongside infacol. It won’t be easy giving up chocolate xx Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh she is just adorable! I’m sorry the colic has hit again but maybe going dairy free will help even a little – and I’m with you on the alas no chocolate score, it’s going to be a funny Christmas with no chocolate. For what it’s worth, I’ve found that hobnobs are dairy free (and as they have oats they’re totally a major food group for a nursing Mum) and also Sacla do a dairy and everything else free pesto which is delicious stirred through pasta with some pine nuts on top when everyone else just really wanta macaroni cheese. Coconut milk has also been a great help – it makes a great porridge and even better base for homemade ice cream!!

  7. Ohhh colic, you evil of evilness thing you. I really feel for you hun, I’m glad you and your hubs are able to remind yourselves that it’s only for a short time but it really is awful for you in the meantime isn’t it. She looks like a beautiful little thing though, which much make it much easier! xx

  8. oh man I feel your pain my first had colic he would cry all evening and night was horrid but then he reached 12 weeks and it went over night. I found massage really helped. Happy 4 weeks hope she starts to enjoy the pushchair more soon. Thanks for joining in with Sunday Round up

  9. Arrrr she is just beautiful!!! My little boy had terrible acid reflux as a baby so I know how hard it is having a baby that is in pain after feeds. I hope the colic settles soon and congratulations on your lovely little lady x #sundayroundup

  10. How adorable is she? Such a cutie. Sorry you are going through colic though, my little man was a very windy refluxy baby but it wasn’t as bad as colic ๐Ÿ™ it must be horrible and I really hope she gets over it nice and quickly ๐Ÿ™‚ #sundayroundup

  11. She’s adorable! Colic must be so tough though, I am very grateful that it wasn’t something we had to deal with. Thinking of you! And, take it easy! Having had three sections I was always terrible for trying to do too much – and going for walks was my worst too, I was always convinced I’d be fine and after five minutes I’d think, hmmm, perhaps not!

    • Thanks hon and oh yeah I know the feeling, it’s amazing how a short walk can really take it out of you after a C Section! xx

  12. Ahhh happy 4 weeks old. Doesn’t it go fast. you look amazing too. She is so adorable and your posts are making me very very broody! Such a lovely post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  13. Grace says – she’s very cute and we’re so glad we read this to catch up with how the youngest member of the GL Gang is doing. Boo about the chocolate though…….. ๐Ÿ™
    Lucas says – That is well rough – no chocolate??? Give it to Monkey or if there’s too much, I’ll be REALLY kind and come and help you out and eat it!!!! Little Miss is a very cool dudette! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Firstly, she’s absolutely adorable – nearly enough to make me broody……… but not quite ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had to go totally wheat and dairy free for 18 months and if you need any help or suggestions re: the dairy, I’d be more than happy to help – give us a shout if you do xx #pocolo

  15. I am hoping things improve with the colic soon, we have just passed that stage with my son a few weeks ago ( he is 14 weeks) and I remember how hard it was dealing with a screaming baby when you also have another child to look after. She is gorgeous and I can not remember my son being that small, I agree time goes so fast when you have a baby , I really wish there was a way we could just pause time and enjoy them being little for just a bit longer #babybabble

    • Thank you, I am glad to hear you are out the other side, I am looking forward to getting there, although I don’t want to wish the time away either! Xx

  16. oh that colic is a beast, the screaming breaks your heart – especially when you just can’t soothe them ๐Ÿ™ 4 weeks already… time is surely flying! Thanks for linking to #babybabble

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