A wintery family walk

Friday night was a particularly rough night with Little Miss so on Saturday morning both Daddy and I were feeling shattered. But the thing is that when you also have a toddler to look after, life must go on. We still had to be up at a normal time and find ways to entertain Monkey.

Tired Daddy

Tired Daddy

So after a bit of back and forth about what we should do, we decided to wrap up and go for a little walk to deliver some thank you cards locally to some of the people who had generously given gifts on the birth of Little Miss.

Little Miss wasn’t keen on the idea of being in her buggy so after a false start Daddy popped her in the carrier and we headed out. It was seriously cold and wet and misty but we had a lovely walk and it did us the power of good. That’s the thing about getting out of the house sometimes, just a change of scene and some fresh air can really improve your mood. Especially when you have a toddler who is thrilled to be out for a walk and who takes pleasure in the simplest of things.

Like running around trees playing peepo

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And chasing squirrels. Honestly he was so funny shouting “Squirrel, Squirrel, where are you? Come back! I can’t see, I can’t reach! I miss you” Especially as his pronunciation of squirrel sounds a bit like Bill. He he

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And of course there had to be some puddle jumping going on too 🙂


How could mummy & daddy stay grumpy when watching that happy face? So it was cold and miserable but we had a lovely happy family walk 🙂

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20 thoughts on “A wintery family walk

  1. It’s so true that getting out of the house is sometimes exactly what you need. It’s funny before we had Jake we would only go for walks if it was a perfect weather day, but now we go out rain or shine! Anything for a calming clear your head walk!

  2. It looks like even though you were shattered you still managed to have a brilliant time out with Monkey enjoying the fresh air. Plus you managed to get something you needed to do done. It’s cute that monkey was looking for the squirrels. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. Oh what a great way to perk up after a rough night! Being out in the fresh air does work wonders doesn’t it – which may of may not explain my insistence at going out even in the pouring rain, well that and I’m sure it helps my girls sleep a bit better!

  4. Ah – a bit of fresh air is a great tonic eh? Sounds like Little Miss is being a bit of a pickle but I think you’ve got a lovely, happy little older brother there who will not make life any more difficult! I was quite relieved when, with EJ at five months old, JJ finally got to start his free pre-school hours. I guess you’ll be getting that soon too – it was fab to have a bit of one on one time with the baby then. Xx #ordinarymoments

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