Children’s clothes from House of Fraser

We have quite a lot of friends with slightly older kiddies so get a lot of hand-me-down clothes for Monkey and LM, which is great as so many are barely worn. But sometimes it is lovely to choose clothes for them myself. To pick something I want them to wear. So when House of Fraser got in touch and asked me to review some clothes for the kiddies again I couldn’t resist.

House of Fraser as a department store says luxury to me, and so traditionally isn’t somewhere I have thought of when looking for children’s clothes. But boy was I wrong as they have so many lovely bits to choose from and the prices are not astronomical either.

With Monkey’s birthday coming up I couldn’t resist this gorgeous Little Criminal shirt he could wear for his family birthday party. He is in t-shirts a lot of the time and it was lovely to see him in this lovely shirt as he looks so grown up! I love the colours too and it looks perfect with his purple trousers.

Little Criminal shirt

For LM I couldn’t resist this gorgeous Pumpkin Patch dress. Two of my favourite colours are purple and teal (and these colours were the theme for our wedding in fact) so I just thought this was gorgeous.

pumpkin patch dress

I tend to prefer jersey dresses for her day to day as they are a bit more flexible and comfy but for a special occasion this is lovely and with it being cotton it is very lightweight so is perfect for a warm sunny day.

Even with these two little beauties I still had room in the budget they gave me for a third item! So I chose this cute little octopus t-shirt by name it, a brand I had not heard of before. It is such a lovely t-shirt and is a lot more closely fitting than any of Monkey’s other t-shirts.

name it tshirt

It’s a lovely fit actually and more like the fit hubs wears with his t-shirts, so it makes Monkey look so grown up! We love it 🙂

I am so pleased with the quality and fit of all of these lovely clothes, and the best bit, all together they come in at under £30, which is brilliant!

We received these clothes free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all words, opinions and images are my own.

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Children’s Clothing at House of Fraser

When I think of House of Fraser, I think of a big department store, the home of designer brands and luxury items. I don’t, I admit, think of children’s clothing. At least none that I could afford. I have written before I can be a bit thrifty, and I don’t like the thought of spending more money on my children’s clothes than I would on my own clothes, especially considering how quickly they grow out of them!

When I was contacted and asked to choose some children’s clothing from them for £30 or under I was intrigued to see what clothes they had, and what I could get for the money. Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the options available and the lovely clothes they stock. Luckily for me it was sale time and being the bargain hunter I am I wanted to see how may items I could get.

I think I did pretty well and got some gorgeous bits for both kiddies.

Monkey is wearing a lovely striped Benetton t-shirt and gorgeous cord trousers from Pumpkin Patch. I quite like the Pumpkin Patch brand but had never bought anything from Benetton before. Both are lovely quality and my favourite for baby/toddler clothes – machine washable and tumble dry-able! A must for me 🙂 It’s difficult to get a photo of him standing still but here is a few shots of him in his lovely new outfit.

house of fraser clothes monkey

Little Miss is wearing a gorgeous onesie from Kite, a brand I hadn’t heard of before but will be keeping an eye out for in the future. I couldn’t resist the colours as they are just gorgeous and the material is extremely soft and snuggly. Again machine washable and tumble dryable and I think LM looks just gorgeous in it. She looks pretty happy in it too don’t you think?

house of fraser lm

I am loving the quality of all of the clothes and they are certainly affordable so will be adding House of Fraser to the shops I consider when looking for children’s clothes.

We received the clothing for free for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own.

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