Monkey & Daddy Make a Tractor – 30mths

Monkey has always loved his arts and craft activities, and now he is that little bit older, his abilities and what he can achieve (with some help) have come on leaps and bounds. There are so many activities I want to try with him and so many things I want to make with him, but with a newborn who has colic, reflux and a possible allergy, my hands are sadly tied a bit more than I would like them to be and I am struggling to balance both of their needs. Thankfully Daddy loves doing things with Monkey and this weekend he stepped in to have a go at some Monkey & Daddy crafting :).

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Monkey & Daddy go to the zoo

Life in our house has been all change this last week with the arrival of our Little Miss, but we have also been trying to keep things fun for Monkey. We have kept his routine as much as possible. On Monday he went to rhyme time as usual with Nanny & Pops. On Tuesday he normally goes to Tumble Tots with Daddy but being half term this week it wasn’t on. We had a think about what they could do instead and decided Daddy and Monkey should go to the zoo! Continue reading

Fun at the seaside – who’s the biggest kid?

On our holiday last week we spent a lot of time at the seaside. At Gorleston beach to be precise. Just south of Great Yarmouth there is free parking right next to one of the loveliest beaches I have been to in a long time. WP_20140601_09_52_32_Pro WP_20140601_12_35_26_Pro

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Monkey is a Daddy’s Boy.

I  know it’s Mother’s day so it may seem ever so slightly odd to be writing about the lovely relationship Monkey has with his Daddy, but as his Mummy I love seeing how close they are. At various points in Monkey’s little life we have struggled with separation anxiety and with him being with me all day every day there has been times where I know Daddy has felt pushed out. I guess it’s inevitable at times that the primary caregiver who is with them, all of the time, is the one they want to be with. But this can be exhausting for said primary caregiver and disappointing to the other parent who loves them no less but who feels a little sidelined. The good news is that they grow up and the separation anxiety usually goes away. Things could not be more different in our house now, as Monkey is very much a Daddy’s boy! When Daddy comes in, even if we have been having a difficult, mardy toddler day, Monkey is all smiles and sunshine and showing off for his daddy. His current insistence is sitting on daddy’s lap for dinner which makes it ever so slightly difficult for daddy to eat. He thought it was cute at first, 50 or so times later it’s a bit annoying! WP_20140217_18_26_04_Pro If he hurts himself, or is tired, it always used to be mummy cuddles that he ran for, and of course when it’s just us he does, but if Daddy and I are both there, it’s the Daddy cuddles he loves the most.

Daddy cuddles

Daddy cuddles

You may think I’d be jealous, but I’m not. I love it. Partly because at the end of the day and I am shattered (even good days are tiring with a toddler let’s be honest) I love that Daddy gets all the attention and to take the reins. I know Daddy is tired too but he puts in so much effort every day, and has done for a long time to make sure his and Monkey’s relationship has got to this point and I know he loves it. I am dead proud of them both. I am also very glad that I am not the one that gets clambered over, even for a little while. This was Monkey and Daddy’s playtime a few evenings ago. Lots of standing on his daddy’s chest, sitting on his knees and then flying on his legs. WP_20140327_18_36_45_Pro WP_20140327_18_36_58_Pro WP_20140327_18_38_42_Pro Basically just enjoying spending time with each other. So lovely to see. WP_20140327_18_37_02_Pro So yes, I know it’s Mother’s day and I “should” be celebrating me and my relationship with Monkey, but this Mummy is just proud of her hubby and little boy and loves the bond that they share. I know how lucky we are for Monkey to have such a good Daddy who wants this kind of relationship with his little boy. Is your little one a mummy or daddy’s boy/girl? theordinarymomentsbadge

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