Monkey is a Daddy’s Boy.

I  know it’s Mother’s day so it may seem ever so slightly odd to be writing about the lovely relationship Monkey has with his Daddy, but as his Mummy I love seeing how close they are. At various points in Monkey’s little life we have struggled with separation anxiety and with him being with me all day every day there has been times where I know Daddy has felt pushed out. I guess it’s inevitable at times that the primary caregiver who is with them, all of the time, is the one they want to be with. But this can be exhausting for said primary caregiver and disappointing to the other parent who loves them no less but who feels a little sidelined. The good news is that they grow up and the separation anxiety usually goes away. Things could not be more different in our house now, as Monkey is very much a Daddy’s boy! When Daddy comes in, even if we have been having a difficult, mardy toddler day, Monkey is all smiles and sunshine and showing off for his daddy. His current insistence is sitting on daddy’s lap for dinner which makes it ever so slightly difficult for daddy to eat. He thought it was cute at first, 50 or so times later it’s a bit annoying! WP_20140217_18_26_04_Pro If he hurts himself, or is tired, it always used to be mummy cuddles that he ran for, and of course when it’s just us he does, but if Daddy and I are both there, it’s the Daddy cuddles he loves the most.

Daddy cuddles

Daddy cuddles

You may think I’d be jealous, but I’m not. I love it. Partly because at the end of the day and I am shattered (even good days are tiring with a toddler let’s be honest) I love that Daddy gets all the attention and to take the reins. I know Daddy is tired too but he puts in so much effort every day, and has done for a long time to make sure his and Monkey’s relationship has got to this point and I know he loves it. I am dead proud of them both. I am also very glad that I am not the one that gets clambered over, even for a little while. This was Monkey and Daddy’s playtime a few evenings ago. Lots of standing on his daddy’s chest, sitting on his knees and then flying on his legs. WP_20140327_18_36_45_Pro WP_20140327_18_36_58_Pro WP_20140327_18_38_42_Pro Basically just enjoying spending time with each other. So lovely to see. WP_20140327_18_37_02_Pro So yes, I know it’s Mother’s day and I “should” be celebrating me and my relationship with Monkey, but this Mummy is just proud of her hubby and little boy and loves the bond that they share. I know how lucky we are for Monkey to have such a good Daddy who wants this kind of relationship with his little boy. Is your little one a mummy or daddy’s boy/girl? theordinarymomentsbadge

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    • Thank you, it is so lovely to see. Aww bless well that’s lovely if there are times for both of you 🙂 xx

  1. Ah, a lovely post. Love those photos of them together. I’d say Boo has always been more of a mummy’s girl, though Little Man is both! He loves it when his daddy comes home each day and screams with excitement as he runs to the door!

    • Thank you, aww little man sounds similar to Monkey in that respect. Must be lovely to have your mummy’s girl too 🙂 xx

  2. Lovely post. My little man has for a long time been a Mummy’s boy but now the relationship with his dad is getting stronger. I know my husband has felt pushed out at times and it’s been hard but now that O is getting older he wants to play football, and rough and tumble with his dad, and it’s lovely to watch.

    • Thank you, it is funny how it changes isn’t it as I know Hubby has felt pushed out in the past, and that’s kind of why I love it so much now. I know Monkey loves me too but there’s something special between him and his daddy at the moment 🙂 xx

  3. So sweet! I’m sometimes a tiny bit jealous that Mr M gets such a warm welcome when he comes in from work, even though I’ve been dealing with WW3 for the past hour. But it always makes me smile to see how much my three adore their daddy. Such a lovely post Caroline xx

    • thank you! I know what you mean, when you’ve had a difficult day and then hubby gets all the smiles, but it is lovely to see them together. thank you! xx

  4. What a great bond they have. Buba is a Daddy’s boy too! I can relate I was always told when I was having a boy that he would be all about his momma. He is NOT. Lovely photos that you will have to cherish forever. #ordinarymoment

    • Thank you, glad to hear Monkey isn’t the only Daddy’s Boy. It isn’t what you expect is it? But it is lovely 🙂 xx

    • It’s lovely isn’t it, so important. Must be lovely to get a bit of girl time with all those boys in your house 🙂 xx

  5. Oh what a wonderful post Caroline. Lovely photos too, they really do have a great time together don’t they. POD is the same with her Daddy – such a Daddy’s girl! Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

    • Thank you, aww bless her, it’s lovely to see isn’t it. they’re just snaps but it’s lovely to catch the little moments 🙂 xx

  6. Mine have all gone through phases, although the all adore daddy! At the moment, the wee girl is most definitely a daddy’s girl 🙂 Lovely post Caroline, I love seeing my three with their dad too, it’s incredibly special x

    • Thank you, it is so special isn’t it! I wonder if this is a phase, things change so much as they grow don’t they. I Hope they always have a lovely relationship though! xx

  7. Aw this is a beautiful post. I love that he is a Daddy’s boy. Our NCT group really live up to the stereotypes at the moment with the girls being Daddy’s Girls and the boys being Mummy’s Boys. My big girl ADORES her Daddy and always shouts for him when she is sad or not well, and in the mornings too. But sometimes only Mummy will do so I don’t get too upset. 😉 x

    • Thank you, it is funny but the stereotypes are often true aren’t they! I love that he is bucking the trend though, and I know he loves me too so I’m alright with it 🙂 xx

    • It is lovely to watch isn’t it? After all the clinginess and separation anxiety I love watching him grow up and ever so slightly away from me 🙂 xx

  8. What a lovely post. I have three boys and all of them where proper Mummys boys, so it is lovely to see that little boys cling to their Daddies. In our case its Daddy & Daughter team! haha. Fun photos too hun, they look so happy when in eachothers company. #ordinarymoments x

  9. In my experience I’ve found that toddlers tend to go more for their Daddies at a certain age because they are someone new to interact with after being with Mummy all day. It’s lovely for everyone as new bonds are formed and Mummy gets a little bit of a break 🙂

  10. How sweet. They all go through their phases don’t they – I think all three of our children have had very definite Mummy phases but I don’t think it’s quite so cut and dried now.

  11. My middle son is definitely a daddy’s boy, he’s always telling me how much he loves daddy, when I ask him if he loves me too, he says he does but just not quite as much as he does daddy, charming! 😉

  12. I have a daddy’s boy and I love the relationship the boys in my life have with each other. I do secretly wish that one day the word ‘mummy’ is learnt. I totally agree how helpful it is for Daddy to come home and help with the nighttime routine. A fantastic post and one for your little boy to read in the future.

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