WP_20141105_17_44_27_ProMy word of the week this week is “reality” because we are very much getting used to the reality of life with a 2 week old baby.

After a very smooth first week, this week has definitely been trickier (I knew I was jinxing myself blogging about it lol!). It hasn’t been terrible bit it is very true when they say that the first days of a baby’s life are not a good indication of how well they will sleep later on!
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Sadly not the most positive or exciting words to describe the week but the word that best sums up our week is tired. I guess being 6 1/2 months pregnant and running around after a 2 year old it is slightly inevitable!

We had a fantastic weekend with friends which left me feeling happy but shattered! My parents helped with Monkey on Monday as usual which really helped (though I will admit I was still tired and irritable!). Tuesday Monkey actually spent some time with Daddy in in the office as I had a variety of pregnancy related appointments including blood tests, my whooping cough jab and seeing the midwife. It turned out that the midwife was running over 20 minutes behind too so  I was hugely grateful not to have to entertain Monkey in the waiting room the whole time!

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I’m Becoming a mummy again!

Ok so the cat is out of the bag, the bird has flown the coop, any other metaphors you can think of for the fact that the secret is out because I am Pregnant. Yay!! So that is my word of the week!


It’s still very early days as I am only 9 weeks pregnant, and I know that things could still go wrong, but I have really been struggling to keep this a secret as it is affecting a lot of our life at the moment! And as I blog about our life it feels very weird to be omitting something as huge as this. We are very excited of course and can’t believe how lucky we are to have fallen pregnant again so quickly. Timing wise it works out exactly as we had ever hoped as baby will be due beginning of November and Monkey will be 2 1/2 in November, so yay! Like I say, we are lucky it happened so fast, I know!

But, and there is a but, much as I am thrilled to be pregnant, and appreciative of how lucky we are and hopeful and apprehensive all at the same time, I am also really tired!! I had forgotten quite how tiring this first stage of pregnancy can be! I am struggling to keep up with the blog and have had to cut down on a few fab linkys that I love, purely because I haven’t got the energy to do the rounds and comment in the way that I think you should when you are joining up to a linky! So apologies for late replies to comments, short comments or a general easing off from commenting, I’m doing as much as I can!

Morning sickness sucks too, let’s just put that out there – but thanks to sea-sickness bands (not 100% sure they work but willing to try anything) and copious amounts of Jacob’s Crackers I am getting through. And, fingers crossed, touch wood it seems to be easing off slightly which is a vast improvement on my previous pregnancy, so hooray for that! I am spottier than I was last time which is irritating but not really worth complaining about! My neighbour thinks this means I am having another boy hehe 🙂 (out come all the old wives’ tales!!)

The big downer so far, and the main reason I have decided not to keep it a secret anymore, is that my SPD/PGP/whatever you want to call it, stupid pain in my pelvis has raised it’s ugly head already. 🙁 Boooo. I won’t go on about it too much here as I have a more detailed post planned but I hurt already. It’s affecting my life a lot and making me feel quite sad at times, and not being able to write about it, or even mention it in other posts has proven a bit difficult.

It’s affecting the way we live and how I keep the house clean & tidy. It’s affecting play with Monkey and getting out and about in general. I am hoping to get some help to prevent it getting worse but it’s proving a difficult process and quite simply, I need to talk about it! Blogging is now a big part of who I am and when I am struggling with something I find it very cathartic to write it all down. Having to deliberately omit something that is worrying me is taking the fun out of the blogging somewhat so that is why I have decided to spill.

Plus, I know that things could go wrong, but if they do I am pretty certain I would need to write about that too, so that in itself doesn’t feel like a strong enough reason to keep quiet about it.

This may seem like quite a negative way to announce that I am pregnant but believe me, even with all of the above moaning, I am genuinely happy and excited to be pregnant again as it means I get to have a little baby at the end of it. Another little darling to fill my world with smiles and cheekiness. I know that will make any and all of the challenges and difficulties worth it, but I also aim to be honest in my blog so I can’t pretend everything is 100% rosy when I am really not feeling it!

Phew! Do you know what? I already feel so much better for getting all of that off my chest and out in the open!

We’re having another baby! Hooray!!! 🙂 Bring on the pregnancy posts! 😉

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