Making the most of the baby days

Little Miss is quite possibly, in fact, most probably the last baby we will have. I will never say never and I am sure many people will say that now is not the time to make the decision about having more children, but I want to be realistic about it. Both hubs and I are the middle of 3 children, so we both carry a certain nostalgia with us about our families, and we are both very close to all of our brothers and couldn’t imagine our families any other way. So I guess it is inevitable that we have been quite undecided about the number of children we would have.
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WP_20141105_17_44_27_ProMy word of the week this week is “reality” because we are very much getting used to the reality of life with a 2 week old baby.

After a very smooth first week, this week has definitely been trickier (I knew I was jinxing myself blogging about it lol!). It hasn’t been terrible bit it is very true when they say that the first days of a baby’s life are not a good indication of how well they will sleep later on!
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Daddy’s Birthday

It was Daddy’s birthday on Wednesday and it also marked our first outing as a family of 4! I was feeling like a bit of a rubbish wife in the run up to Hub’s birthday. With Little Miss arriving a week ahead of schedule all my plans basically went out of the window. One of his presents ordered early hadn’t arrived (we knew it was a long lead time so wasn’t a huge shock) and when I eventually got round to ordering the trousers he wanted, they didn’t have his size in stock online :(. I had planned on baking cakes and doing all sorts but none of which happened!

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Adapting to life with a newborn

The word of the week this week is definitely “Adapting.” We are all adapting to the changes that bringing our newborn girl home has brought.

WP_20141029_08_01_05_Smart (2)

Rubbish shot but Monkey going in for a kiss 🙂

Monkey is doing amazingly well at adapting to being a big brother. We have been so proud of him from the get go and he just gets better and better. After a few days of playing up a little more and being more demanding (which is not at all surprising when his little world had been turned upside down and he barely saw Mummy or Daddy for days) he has settled down a lot. We are trying to find the balance between giving him plenty of attention, and not over-indulging him, as he does need to learn that he is not the only one that needs our attention now.
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