A Family Photoshoot

For Christmas my brother and sister in law bought us a really lovely present – a voucher for a portrait shoot with our wedding Photographer, Chris Boland of Distant Cloud Photography. Hubs used to work with Chris many years ago and knew he was starting out as a photographer so it made sense to contact him for our wedding and we absolutely adored the photographs he took of our big day. We had a shoot with him when Monkey was tiny and so were very excited to have another photo shoot with him now we are a family of four.

We always thought we would aim for the shoot to be in the summer but we didn’t plan on it being this late in the summer. We had to cancel the first date we planned due to all of the illness we have had this year, and we finally rebooked it recently. We nearly had to cancel again the day before when I bashed my face on the car – hitting myself right on the bridge of my nose and giving myself a minor black eye!! Blimmin typical on the day before a photoshoot but thankfully make-up managed to cover it and we kept the booking.

We went to our local country park and thankfully it was a lovely day, nice and sunny but not too too hot. I will be honest though, it really was hard work, Monkey was running riot or not wanting to smile or take off his sunglasses. Times when LM jus wanted to walk or was just fed up of being held in place so got really wriggly. I took a few outtake shots of the “behind the scenes” at the photoshoot.. oh the chaos.


But, thankfully Chris is brilliant and managed to get so many amazing shots of us all so it was very very very much worth it. I have popped a few below  (Seriously I don’t know how he does it, I do not look this nice normally!)

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We are planning a photo wall with some of the shots and I can’t wait to put them up as they are just lovely. Really nice to get such great shots of the kids and some nice ones of us with them.

Have you had family photo shoots? Have you found them hard work too?

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32 thoughts on “A Family Photoshoot

  1. Wow, such beautiful pictures out of such chaos, haha! Such a thoughtful gift. I’d love to have a family photo shoot. We’ve had professional pictures done of little T at 5, 9 and 13 months (13 month one was hard work!), but not of all three of us. #OrdinaryMoments

  2. Oh Caroline they are absolutely beautiful you must be so proud of them and your gorgeous little family. Definitely ones to put on the wall for sure. I keep meaning to book a family photo shoot, I take far too many and am rarely in them myself! xx

  3. Caroline, they are just beautiful. And you look fabulous. They are so cute and such lovely memories to have. Our baby had a photo shoot at 6 months and it was a disaster – but somehow they seem to get a few good photos!

  4. Gorgeous and Caroline you do look gorgeous normally!! These are stunning. I love the black and white one of Monkey. Chris is just awesome though (we should know too!) xx #thetruthabout

  5. What beautiful photos of you all – it is hard trying to get family photos with little ones, isn’t it? We had a photoshoot a few months before Sophie was born as part of a project for a book about heart children and it is amazing what wonderful shots they can get in spite of the challenges. I love that photo of the four of you where Monkey and LM are looking at each other – so beautiful.

  6. Oh my gosh I am desperate for a family photoshoot. These look amazing! 😀 Showing these to my other half and he also loves them. It’s definitely the kick up the butt he’s needed to agree to having one done for us. They’re stunning. xx #twinklytuesday

  7. You definitely got some stunning photos, even if the process was testing! Gwenn – who is nearly 2 and a half years old – will NOT have her photo taken so I wouldn’t bother paying anybody to attempt it! x

  8. How gorgeous! I love pictures, especially ones that record those moments of time, when we’re all at a certain stage. I absolutely love the piccie with the two children cuddling while you hold them, and you look just gorgeous, I don’t believe you aren’t that lovely all the time for a moment! Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou again my lovely!! xxx

  9. What lovely photos! We have had a few family sessions done, always a groupon deal hehe! The second one we went to was a nightmare! Zach was crying and he refused to go to the section where the photos took place! Thankfully after about half an hour he got a bit better and we were able to get a couple of good shots! It kind of done us a favour as we weren’t tempted to buy any of them, just got our free one and left haha! Have fun hanging these ones on your wall 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  10. It’s a ‘never work with children or animals’ scenario isn’t it?! Having said that the photos are really lovely and you look absolutely glowing (although you always look lovely). He is a really talented photographer. Shame I don’t live closer to Cambridgeshire! Lovely present too, very thoughtful. Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

  11. Beautiful shots! We’ve never had a professional photographer and I really wish we’d done a newborn shoot, but really should hire one to get a family shot. #bestworst

  12. This is a reminder that I need to get this done for the family again. I have had some doosies over the years. These are great photo’s I particularly like the one with the bubba crying! Talented photographer! Mel xx #AllAboutYou

  13. Aww you’ve got some gorgeous shots, but I also love the out takes too hehe 🙂 I don’t know if Alfie would stay still long enough to have a photo which is a shame! Thanks for sharing with the #bestandworst 🙂 x

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