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Monkey and I went on a play-date to a friend’s house the other day. We are very good friends and even though her little girl (E) is almost exactly a year older than Monkey they generally get on pretty well together and play nicely with each other, even if Monkey is pottering about by himself a bit.

At one point, E was playing with a shapes app on my phone, monkey was playing with some toys and my friend and I were having a chat. A few minutes went by and we suddenly realised E had figured out how to get to the camera on my phone and take pictures. Her mum has an iphone and I have a windows phone, so completely different operating systems. Clever girl! So she took a few snaps and even managed to take a few selfies with the front facing camera.

WP_20140226_12_57_58_Pro WP_20140226_12_56_31_Pro

She took some pics of Monkey and then, I thought she was taking pics of me but it turned out she was taking pics of her ken doll. So I lifted him up for her to take a few snaps. Pretending he was was smiling and saying cheese.

WP_20140226_12_58_51_Pro WP_20140226_12_59_00_Pro

She took a few snaps and then said “that’s great Ken, now let’s take you clothes off and take some more pictures”. Her mum and I roared with laughter at the shock of the request then I said “err no, no we don’t take pictures of people with their clothes off” and managed to distract her by bringing barbie into the frame for some photos. I made them kiss each other, which E was NOT amused by.


So I tried to make them hold hands, semi-successfully…


Then I slipped and it looked like Ken was holding Barbie’s bottom!


E’s mum and I had a good chuckle about this, and then E cottoned on to what we were saying and started requesting that they touch their bottoms in the photos!


Haha , silliness but who knows, E may be the next Annie Liebowitz!

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22 thoughts on “A mini photographer #wotsofunee

  1. It’s always good to be more childish than your child I think. Thank goodness you stopped at nudity – although kissing should never be allowed! Kissing is yeuch! 😉

    Thanks so much for joining in x

    • Ha ha I know, what was I thinking with the kissing? Definitely a good idea to stop at nudity though! 🙂 xx

    • I know, I was dead impressed with it. There was some pretty terrible ones too but overall she did much better than I thought she would. Clever little lady! xx

  2. That Barbie and that Ken – soooo naughty! 🙂 The comment about having them strip off for a naked photo shoot did make me chuckle! X #themegame

    • They are! I know, her mum’s face was a picture of “where on earth have you thought that up from!!” lol! xx

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