Me & Mine January 15

For a while I have seen other blogger’s Me & Mine posts and been envious of all the gorgeous shots of their families growing as the months have gone by. The lovely hosts are running it again this year so I decided to try and join in.

I am not 100% confident that we will manage to get a lovely family shot every month but I am certainly going to try as I love a good family photo.

Here is January’s effort, a couple of shots of us at The National Railway Museum. They aren’t the best shots, it was really dark in there so most of the photos came out blurry or just a bit dark and any which had Monkey smiling in them too of course had to be the blurry ones! But here we are, our little family of 4 starting out the New Year!

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dear beautiful

9 thoughts on “Me & Mine January 15

  1. Oh looks like you all had a great time there though. I hate when we are on a family adventure and everything is dark so it makes capturing those moments hard. You did great though. Lovely little family. Your little ones are growing up so much lately. Doesn’t it go fast? Lovely #meandmine

  2. It doesn’t matter if the photos are taken with a phone, the light’s not good or the pics are blurry, to have a photo of your family together is just fabulous — and as the year rolls on they are really something to treasure! 🙂 When you put your set of 12 pics together it’s such a great feeling! I’m so happy I persevered last year!! Also, when you look back at January’s pic, later on in the year, you’ll notice just how much your little ones have grown, rather than how bad the quality of the picture is! X

  3. Oh these are so lovely. And I’m so glad we’ve inspired you to join in. Don’t feel that you absolutely have to do it every month if you can’t – its the fact you take them at all that matter, as it’s such a nice record. But I’ll also warn you that it gets a little addictive after a while and I couldn’t give up now if I tried. Thanks so much for linking up with Me and Mine. x

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