Random Playtime – 24 mths old

Our little Monkey is growing up and now has a lot more imaginative play, and a lot more independant play. This leads to him having a lot fun with mummy largely acting as a bystander.

Some of the things he chooses to play with are particularly amusing. I’ve blogged before about how random household objects can be fascinating for babies/toddlers but I am going to show you two recent play times which demonstrate this perfectly!

Gym Ball

Because of my SPD we have my gym ball down in the lounge a lot of the time at the moment, because it is good to sit on and do pelvic tilts etc. It is also a LOT of fun for Monkey to play on, and hilarious for me to watch.

He can’t get on it himself but he loves carrying it around the room (though it is about as big as he is)..

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And then launching himself onto the ball

Created with Nokia Camera Created with Nokia Camera

and laughing his head off when he then flies off it again!

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Very funny afternoon spent watching that!

Playing with my scarf

I got a lovely new scarf for my birthday and I had been a naughty mummy and left it in the lounge after I had taken it off. Therefore it was obviously fair game at play time. Monkey loves playing with blankets and hiding under them so it wasn’t a huge surprise when he decided to have a play with the scarf, but it was pretty funny!

He very much enjoyed hiding underneath it..

WP_20140511_18_34_04_Pro WP_20140511_18_31_47_Pro

And then there was lots of giggles looking at himself in my phone while he wrapped it around his head.

WP_20140511_18_33_22_Pro WP_20140511_18_33_30_Pro WP_20140511_18_32_29_Pro WP_20140511_18_33_33_Pro WP_20140511_18_32_57_Pro

He did look very pretty in it bless him!

You’ve gotta love the random things that amuse toddlers and the simple fun they can have with very little in the way of toys or parental involvement!

Do your kids ever turn random objects into fun playthings?


24 thoughts on “Random Playtime – 24 mths old

  1. As I strongly suspect that at least one of my daughters is involved in the migration of my kitchen utensils from the real kitchen to the play kitchen I’m going to go with yes!! These are lovely photos, I love that he launches himself on the gym ball – it’s huge compared to him!

  2. Caroline JJ used to do exactly the same thing with my gym ball when I was pregnant with EJ! He would either launch himself onto it or I would sit him on top, hold his hands and bounce him both of which ended in hilarity! Loving your new scarf hon! EJs ‘non-toy’ of choice is any given pair of shoes! He loves walking round in other peoples’ shoes (normally on the wrong feet). X

    • Lol, Monkey does that too, all the time! I love this stage! thanks hon, it was a birthday pressie and I love it 🙂 xx

  3. I swear we don’t need to buy my girls toys- they would much rather play with random objects- empty loo rolls, my phone, empty water bottles, old shoes- you name it! To be fair the gym ball does look fun. 😉 x

  4. We have an exercise ball like this too but its in the shed so mini plays with it outside, but they all seem to love them don’t they! Mini’s fave thing currently is her plastic dinner plates, she runs round the house clapping them together, putting them on her head etc. Who needs toys when you have a plate! 😉 (popping over from ordinary moments)

  5. That gym ball would definitely see some playtime in our house! Cushions and pillows are extremely popular playthings here, as are pots and pans. I do love how you can have a house full of toys, but they’ll pick a scarf! Lovely post and photos x

  6. Lovely post hon, it’s fab how they can entertain themselves with random stuff at Monkeys age. I remember my eldest being obsessed with anything mummy-related at 2-3! #LETKIDSBEKIDS

  7. I love the way toddlers play so randomly. Who needs toys when you have everyday objects? Monkey reminds me of my son, he was and still does play very randomly, love it!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  8. Boo to the SPD – I hope you’re not in too much pain. I have a gym ball from my pregnancy and I still use it when I’m sitting at the computer as it helps with my back pain – my kiddos love to play with it too. And if anyone sits on it when they’re in the room they both insist on climbing up and sitting on your lap!

  9. I love the random amusements of children. It’s hilarious what can intrigue them and capture their attention for such a long period of time. Buba is obsessed with my exercise ball too! And randomly my scarves make Missy Moo laugh harder than I have ever heard her. So funny. #whatsthestory #magicmoments #ordinarymoments

  10. *snort* hilarious post, had me in stitches! I can just imagine Monkey bouncing off that ball and giggling to himself. The scarf over the head is something we do here albeit with a muzzy! Great post, thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

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