One of Monkey’s favourite things at the moment is playing hide and seek. He wants to do it all the time, every day, multiple times! there have been times I thought he was saying “Hi Mummy” but what he was actually doing was instructing me to “Hi” (hide) lol. If I tell him I am leaving the room for a minute I usually hear “hi” on my way out and see him scamper off somewhere to hide. Then when I come back in a little head pops up and shouts boo!

Random times thoughout the day I will hear “hi” and see him disappear behind the curtain. Of course my role in this scenario is to pretend I have no idea where he is. “Where’s Monkey? I can’t find him anywhere, Monkey, Monkey, where are you? Is he under there… etc, etc” all the while he is watching me and giggling away to himself.

How could I possibly find him?

How could I possibly find him?

Sometimes this goes on for a long time and I have to actually find him, other times he leaps out at me and I am met with this gorgeous face.

WP_20141203_13_27_15_Pro (2)

Either way I am met with a loud squeal and some gorgeous giggles.

He loves Mummy and Daddy hiding too, but it has to be under blankets. If I hide round a corner I get told to hide again under a blanket, he will then pull it off and squeal like he had no idea I was there haha. He also likes hiding under a blanket with Mummy or Daddy, or sometimes both of us… though I’m not sure who is supposed to find us in those situations!!

.                        WP_20141203_18_47_31_ProWP_20141203_18_46_42_Pro

So much fun and a bit of light relief and a very ordinary but magic moment :).


16 thoughts on “Hiding

  1. Oh how lovely – games of hide and seek are always such fun and I do love Monkey’s big grin on coming out and saying ‘boo’. Such a simple moment but so much to enjoy in it 🙂

  2. Awww Caroline this is so cute!! You can really see how happy little monkey is to be playing ‘hi’ and seek in these pictures!!! I’m sure his squeals of delight ensures you never get bored of it too! Xx

  3. Haha love it Caroline, he is too cute! Look at his cheeky little face. LL is going through the same thing now, we get squeals of delight whenever we hide or have her hide- even if it’s just hiding her eyes with her woolly hat! x

  4. Ahh bless so cute. Love the hiding photos. Buba does that hides for a bit but jumps out before I can find him. Glad you all are having fun and all is well! #ordinarymoments

  5. How sweet, it’s sweet that he’ll hide and then if you don’t find him quick enough he jumps out. I can remember the giggles of my lot as they hid in very obvious hiding places and I pretended I couldn’t see them. Popping by from Magic Moments.

  6. Lovely. I think it’s so funny when they hide their faces and you can basically see the rest of them, but still have to pretend you’ve absolutely no idea where they might be. You’r right, a simple and beautiful magic moment x

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