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WP_20141201_08_09_06_ProWith the arrival of December we are well and truly embracing the Christmas spirit in our house and feeling festive! My mum made Monkey this fab advent calender and he is loving finding the number every day and eating a chocolate. The only trouble is reminding him it is just one a day hehe! We also got a gorgeous Christmas Tree from Pines and Needles last weekend which we had great fun decorating. (You can read our review here and find an offer code too!). We don’t normally put the tree up quite this early but Monkey is really happy we have! He’s actually a little obsessed with Christmas and asks about 50 times a day when Father Christmas is coming. He also wants to read his Christmas storybooks every night! Ooh it may be a long month ;).


We also went to a Christmas Craft fair at a local stately home with some of hubs’ family which was really lovely and a lot of fun. There was som lovely things available and alo a fine food fair where I found some Dairy free chocolate (yay) and enjoyed some mulled win. We had a lovely time with hub’s family, Little Miss got lots of cuddles and Monkey particularly enjoyed running round with his Granny!

craft fair

We’ve also started our Christmas crafting, I shared a post with our cute Snowmen Decorations and there are a few more crafts I need to write about which I will hopefully get a chance to do soon! There was one interesting point this week where Monkey and I were covered in glitter and glue and Little Miss woke up needing a nappy change. Eek! Don’t you just find glitter gets everywhere? All part of the festive fun though.

So yes we are feeling festive, what word sums up your week? Are you getting in the Christmas spirit yet?

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  1. Ah lovely – definitely sounds like you are getting in the festive mood. It is hard work trying to get little one’s to understand that they can only have one chocolate a day from their advent calendar – Jessica is the same! We have also been enjoying Christmassy storybooks although haven’t yet got around to putting up the tree. Glad that Monkey is getting all excited about it all – love how children really find it such a magical time 🙂

  2. Oh yes, glitter does indeed get everywhere, that and play dough. I find both of these things stuck in between the floorboards regularly, despite insisting that it all be used at the table 🙂

  3. Oh yes, it’s all festive here! Liek Monkey, Little Man struggled on day one with his advent calendar, as he just wanted to keep eating the chocolates! Big sister came to the rescue telling him he couldn’t! Lovely photos there, and I can see Monkey in Little Miss there now 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. That advent calendar looks lovely! 🙂 We’ve also embraced the Christmas spirit in our little home. Every morning is all about “opening” windows and little drawers. I love Christmas 🙂 #wotw.

  5. Ah sounds like you’ve been feeling as seasonal as me this week! There is always so much to do and that building party atmosphere! JJ is loving the idea of Santa – I think this could be the year that we do the whole Norad thing tracking his progress on Christmas Eve! Loving Monkey’s snowman decorations too 🙂 Xx #wotw

  6. December has to be my favourite month!! Love this post, we’re also well into the Christmas spirit here.

    Last weekend we went to the school Xmas fair and today we’re off to see Santa and visit our village Frost Fair. #CountryKids

  7. It looks like this is the year that Christmas with all its magic has hit your house! I love the look of the craft fair, we went too one last Sunday too at our local stately home and I’ll be sharing it next week on Country Kids. I love the build up to Christmas, even though my children are older, it is still fun. thank you for sharing your christmas preparations on Country Kids

  8. I’m amazed that you are crafting so soon with Little Lady around. I have only managed to make cookies from a packet with Ethan! Love the advent calendar #CountryKids

    • Thanks lovely, I am a bit of a glutton foe punishment, though it is lovely spending time having fun with monkey where I can, keeps me sane through the difficult bits xx

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