Roley Poleys

You know how sometimes with kids, you do something once, and then they love it, so you have to do it over and over and it becomes a tradition? Well that is what has happened here lately. Bath and bed time have been a Monkey and Daddy time for a really long time, it has been their special bonding time. But since the arrival of Little Miss and some difficult days we have been taking it in turns a bit more to look after each of them.

On one day when it was my turn with Monkey I decided to change our bedding while the bath was running and so took Monkey to get involved with me. He wasn’t really much help but he thought he was and had fun doing it with me. After we had made the bed I had the spontaneous idea of doing roley poleys on the bed.

Well I have to say it was a hit. Monkey loved taking it in turns with me to roley poley across the bed and then “fall” off the bed where I caught him.

The photos are blurry because the lighting was terrible but you get the idea.

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We then did a few selfies on the bed which Monkey loves doing at the moment.


It has become a bit of a tradition now and so is a very ordinary moment in our house. Now LM has a bedtime routine, she has a bath first and while one of us gives her a bath, the other is in our bedroom playing roley polys with Monkey 🙂 lovely times 🙂


12 thoughts on “Roley Poleys

  1. This is a great post. I love this idea. Ours still share bath time at the moment but this sounds like a great tradition. We have recently broken our bed and I haven’t been to get a new one yet…. soon, very soon… but it means our mattress is on the floor, our little boy has loved teaching his baby sister how it doubles up as a trampoline. Precious to watch children be able to just be crazy for a while xxx lovely pics #ordinarymoments

  2. It is funny how little things turn into traditions isn’t it, in our house the girls always strip off and hide under our duvet trying to tickle each others feet while the bath is running and again after bath (leaving yucky wet hair spots if we don’t grab them fast enough!!) they have been doing it for months with no sign of it stopping, there is always lots of laughing and foot tickling!! Great bonding time with Monkey #letkidsbekids

  3. Oh too cute, such a lovely moment to share. LP has taken to coming into our bed after her bath and jumping up and down, doing roley poleys and getting absolutely everywhere! Thanks for linking up x

  4. So sweet and I love the bottom selfie of the two of you. Mads loves doing roly poly’s or any sort of rough and tumble- I have her on the waiting list for our local gymnastic classes and she is desperate to go! x

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