Gloop – a very messy playtime idea! 18 months old

With it being so cold and blustery outside at the moment I have been trying very hard to keep Monkey entertained without leaving the house… and without boredom creeping in. We have his trains, duplo, car and garage, crayons, play doh, puzzles, books, stacking rings, shape sorter, kitchen with tea set, honestly the list is endless and yet within about half an hour he seems to be bored of all of these things and driving me round the bend by throwing everything around the room! I have actually decided it is time to put some toys away for a week or two, then we can rotate some in and out, we shall see if that works.


In a bid to occupy him for more than a few minutes I decided to give Gloop a try. I have read about this quite a few times but been a bit wary of giving it a try as I know what Monkey is like and I was concerned about the mess. But this week I decided we should go for it, so set off to the kitchen.


What is Gloop?
If you haven’t heard of it before, basically when you mix Cornflour and Water together, at a certain consistency it becomes a very weird texture, whereby it is solid when you are holding it and squeezing it around, but if you stop moving, it turns back to liquid. You can see in this short video what I mean.


Monkey really enjoyed himself, but oh my goodness the mess! I should have thought about it before, but whenever Monkey has something stuck on his hands, food, stickers, anything, he gets a bit frantic and shakes his hands all over the place in a bid to get it off. Well you can imagine what he was like with the gloop, so it went everywhere!!


He also decided it was really fun to pour it all over his trousers. Then he decided he wanted to grab me so both our clothes were actually covered – thankfully being just cornflour and water it came out easily. I have read before where people use food colouring too to make it the sea or something, but I am very glad that at this age I didn’t go with the food colouring option – I may wait till he is a bit older before I try that!


My big mistake of the day was to have a jug of water with us. The idea was so he could dip his hands in to wash off some gloop (and therefore limit the amount of gloop flying around the kitchen when he shakes his hands about) but in reality all he wanted to do was tip the water all over the floor and then stamp in the puddles left. D’oh! Completely my fault as I should have known but I still got a bit cross.

He very much enjoyed himself though, and it certainly kept him occupied for a while which was the main thing!


Have you ever tried gloop? Was your house as messy afterwards as mine?


9 thoughts on “Gloop – a very messy playtime idea! 18 months old

    • It is very messy so we don’t do it often, but you should definitely try it! The washing machine was definitely on and I had to clean the floor 3 times I think before I got all the cornflour off! Good fun though 🙂

  1. You can’t beat a bit of cornflour!! I love that it doesn’t matter how much you plan for the mess it always ends up worse. Your little chap looked like he loved it 🙂

    • Absolutely! I can’t believe I never knew how amazing it was before I became a mummy! Oh you are so right there but he really did enjoy it so was certainly worth it!

    • Wow I had no idea what a tuff spot was but just saw it on your site and it looks genius! Great way to contain the mess, may have to look into getting one of those!! Thanks for the idea, I bet it is great for gloop! 🙂

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