Helping Daddy Dig!

Now that the landscaping has finished in the garden renovation, we are starting to think about plants! Money is a little tight at the moment though, so as it was my birthday I asked people for plants and garden centre vouchers, and thankfully, a few people obliged, yay! So we popped out last sunday and bought our first few plants!

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Unfortunately the the beautiful hydrangeas are actually a birthday present for hubby’s sister in law, lucky thing, it’s only unfortunate, because I am jealous of them lol! We did buy a hydrangea, but ours won’t flower until later in the year.

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Anyway, we realised that before we planted them, we needed to dig over the beds. One is really full of clay, and another is a lot drier, which is slightly bizarre as they are all basically the same but hey ho. So Daddy, with a lot of erm “help” from Monkey spent a while out there digging over the beds, to combine the two a little, and then we will add some compost when we actually plant them.

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Monkey had a lot of fun though and needed a good bath before nap time that day as he was covered!

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40 thoughts on “Helping Daddy Dig!

  1. That looks like a lot of fun – and needing a bath before nap time is always a sign of a good morning 😉 What a lovely thing to ask for as a birthday present. Glad you got some really lovely plants and look forward to seeing the garden come along! x

    • Lol, hope you got some nice ones! I am really starting to enjoy this whole gardening thing! And the fact that Monkey loves it too makes it all the more fun! x

    • Thank you, it’s certainly not me with the green fingers, though I am learning! I couldn’t help but laugh too, he just loves the mud! xx

  2. Oh. My. Word. That is one muddy little boy!! Looks like he was in heaven ‘helping’ his daddy out there!! You’ve got some very pretty looking plants. I am already getting a tad envious of the garden you will have once its all planted and in full bloom! X #countrykids

    • Lol I know, he was loving every minute of it and it was really fun to watch! They are so pretty, and I am looking forward to having a fully plantee garden, though think it is going to take a long time before we see the full effects. xx

    • He absolutely loves getting in the mud, has been out there again today! It’s a lovely time of year with so much colour about isn’t it? xx

  3. I love the look of joy on Monkey’s face sitting in the mud – the best play is often the most messiest! Not sure he was much help to Daddy though but, it will be lovely to see the colour in the beds making the garden complete. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    • Thank you, he had so much fun so we couldn’t help but enjoy watching him! Dirt washes off after all! xx

    • Thanks, we are so pleased with it, and have loved how much fun he has had in the mud, although now we have plants going in we are trying to teach him to stay out of the beds, not easy when he has had free rein for so long! xx

    • Thanks, I love the fun they can have with just some dirt and water don’t you? So cute, though they never enjoy being cleaned up afterwards quite as much lol! xx

  4. What a great selection of flowers! You must have had a ball choosing those. The garden is looking fabulous and Monkey is clearly having the best time. Those photos of him in the flower beds are brilliant #whatsthestory

    • Thank you it was lovely choosing them and more still to come. Thanks, he loves playing in the mud, but then what kid doesn’t eh? xx

    • Lol, nothing a good bath didn’t clean up! I am looking forward to seeing the garden and plants grow and mature 🙂 xx

  5. Belated Birthday Wishes! Good thinking in asking people for vouchers to use – cunning. I have big hydrangea love despite not having one myself *note to self: sort it out Saurus* – I bought one for a neighbour last year who helped me out and I must admit it was hard to hand over in the end!

    Digging is much harder work than it looks isn’t it? Sore back here this week from it – so am having a scone and jam, for medicinal purposes you understand 😉

    Thanks for joining in again x

    • Thank you! People kept asking me what i wanted and I couldn’t think of anything else, and I am really pleased as it’s great fun buying them! We are holding some back to use later in the year though as we want plants that flower and give colour at different times of the year. Hydrangeas are so beautiful, you should definitely get one! Ooh absolutely the scone and jam is for medicinal purposes, think I need one too 😉 xx thanks for hosting

  6. Those hydrangeas are beautiful, really love the blue one. Looks like you got some lovely plants for your birthday. Your photos of Monkey in the mud made me laugh 🙂

    • They really do – I think he’s be happy out there for hours!! Pleasure and thank you for hosting 🙂 xx

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