Playing outside in the Winter

Monkey, like most toddlers I imagine, seems to have boundless energy. He is always haring about the place so we try to get out of the house as much as we can. Last year we started our “operation garden renovation” to turn our mess of a garden into somewhere he could play without us having to go anywhere. This was aimed at being ready for playing outside while I was pregnant, and it was amazing. It is still amazing now, as when LM sleeps upstairs, Monkey and I can get outside and burn off steam – even in the middle of winter!

We don’t very often get snow where we are but we have been enjoying running around on frosty mornings. He loves legging it round the garden, pushing his buggy around, and of course Mummy has to run too.

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Mummy getting told off for not running!

Mummy getting told off for not running!

And we finally got our first smattering of snow last week, which Monkey was HUGELY excited about! We thought this may be the extent of what we would get this year so we were out there making the most of it.

 first snow

Then, much to our surprise, a few days later we got a proper covering! So Monkey and I went out while LM was asleep and had some more fun. I have to admit, I love snow. I am a big kid and love building snowmen and snow just makes everything so pretty and white (until it turns into slush anyway, yuk!) and I was determined to build a snowman. I tried to get Monkey involved but he was too busy stomping around making footprints and was more keen on knocking over my snowman mid-build. “Twease, twease, knock it down, twease” um no.

snowy fun

I managed to fend him off and here is the finished result, thankfully he loved it when it was finished and even gave him (apparently it is a Daddy snowman :)) cuddles!

We love playing outside, even in the winter, do you?

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24 thoughts on “Playing outside in the Winter

  1. It looks like you’ve had a great week of garden fun, Monkey looks like he’s really enjoyed his outdoor time. Having a garden like that must really make a difference to being able to get fresh air with Monkey without interrupting LM’s naptimes. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  2. Oh that’s a brilliant snowman! And so much better than our paltry efforts but I think that was it for us this year. It’s so lovely that you have that space to run off steam without having to wrap up your littlest, because I quite agree – little ones seem to have unlimited energy right up until the point when they crash asleep!!

  3. I love the snow too! So hard to not smile when we finally get some where we are. I love your garden reno project, sounds like a great way to turn it into a bit of fun and something the little one can join in with. We don’t have a garden but I might have to borrow your idea for something else!

  4. What a lovely post hon and great pics, your snowman is awesome! It’s essential to get the kids outdoors every day, even if it’s only for a short while xx

  5. Oh bless him what gorgeous photos of M! He looks like he is having a lovely time playing outside. Obviously being reasonably near you I think, we also had a little bit of snow, but it only stuck around for less than a day! The girls loved it though! xx

  6. I love that he was telling you off for not running! I have to say I love fresh air, but I do prefer it to be a little bit warmer than it has been recently. Crisp yes, bone chillingly cold, not so much. Yesterday was perfect for this time of year-we got plenty of outdoor fun 🙂

  7. The garden is such a great place to get out and play whatever time of year. It looks like Monkey loves it! I love your snowman. We haven’t had enough snow for that here.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsbeKids

  8. That’s a brilliant snowman – I really have to get out and clear my garden to make it child friendly again, we have huge trees so it becomes covered in soggy leaves during autumn – your play space is lovely! #MagicMoments

  9. We haven’t been out in the garden nearly enough this winter, it does need a good tidy up! Lovely that you got some snow, we haven’t had any yet just a few frosty mornings on the way to school. my two can’t wait to build a snowman! #letkidsbekids

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