Siblings April 2017

I’ve always loved watching the relationship between my siblings grow and develop and it’s lovely to look at how much their relationship changes month by month. IMG_20170413_200214_004

They play together a lot more now, which brings with it a lot more bickering. I was away a couple of days this week visiting my very poorly aunt (I may share more about that one day if I have the strength) and when I called hubs at one point, the first thing I heard was Monkey yelling “LM no! Don’t do that!” haha. A good reminder that life goes on. Anyway, LM loves to try and boss her brother around and he’s very sweet so sometimes he concedes, but actually it is making him stand up for himself by saying no, which is good for him. It’s funny how they learn so much from each other, it’s not a one way street and I really love that.

There’s a lot going on at the moment so I’m keeping this short and sweet, and here are a few photos of my little pair, just going about their lives, together. PhotoGrid_1492153918094

Plus I love this one that Hubs took while I was away.. IMG-20170412-WA0014

And this one really sums up their relationship I think. A very put upon little Monkey being squished by a cheeky sister who loves nothing more than trying to wind him up! (Excuse the mess of our house lol!) 20170401_160614

So there we have it, our little siblings in the last month. They do love each other though and love a good snuggle too. IMG-20170412-WA0013

6 thoughts on “Siblings April 2017

  1. Aw love Monkey’s face when LM is sitting on him. They always look like they are so busy together doing things and it’s so sweet! LM looks like she has grown up loads! xx #siblingsproject

  2. I love how your photos really capture that sibling relationship – the beautiful moments and the little moments where little sisters like to wind up their big brothers (whilst still capturing a beautiful photo!) So sorry to hear about your poorly aunt though, sending a virtual hug your way x #siblingsproject

  3. Ahh siblings bonding is part of the love /hate/arguing/playing circle of life. It’s inevitable for most. They look so adorable here. Love how many amazing snaps of them together you get. We struggle now with one in school and not the other. 🙂 Soon I will be childless at home during the week. Whatever will I photograph hahahaha Sounds like you have had a nice busy month. #siblingsproject

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