Siblings August 2015

It’s that time of the month again where I share some cutie pictures of m lovely little brother and sister having fun togther. I originally thought I would use a couple of pics from our recent holiday in Dorset but then I caught a moment of sibling loveliness I have to share. They were moving around so much that my even my lovely shiny new phone (after loving it when I reviewed it recently, I have got myself a Samsung Galaxy S6) couldn’t keep them in focus as I snapped away, but you get the idea.

They were sat on the sofa together a few days ago and I was right there to make sure LM didn’t fall off as she is a fidget pants. She adores her brother and just wants to clamber all over him, and play with whatever he has, but she is not gentle and ends up pulling his hair and squishing and scratching him. Monkey takes it pretty well really but does got annoyed with it too, so I moved her away.


Then immediately he starts shouting “can we do it again? can we do it again?” A little confused I asked what he wanted to do again and he replied with “climbing and pulling my hair.”

A little baffled I confirmed that he wanted his sister to climb over him again and pull his hair again. “yup.” So I left them to it and just loved watching the giggles and chuckles from both of them. Just a real moment of sibling love, one minute getting annoyed with each the next loving having a tonne of fun together.20150812_075104 20150812_074811 20150812_075053 20150812_074818 20150812_074947 20150812_075006 20150812_075118

Love these two loonies 🙂

dear beautiful