Siblings November 2015

It is that time of the month again where I share a little update of our gorgeous siblings, and I am also using this for my word of the week post this week. Because the word that best describes my little siblings at the moment, and is therefore my word of the week, is proprietorial.

You see there is a lot of jealousy and possessiveness going on. Monkey is very much at the stage where everything is “Mine” and he is constantly telling his little sister “no go away” “no you can’t have it” “no it’s mine.” Even when some of those things certainly aren’t his as they were given to her for her birthday. For her part LM is no longer a placid little thing who meekly accepts his dominance. No she screams her head off and clutches on with a vice like grip. It’s a difficult one and I am all for kids sorting things out themselves but it is difficult when one is that much younger and can’t verbalise an argument.

So Monkey has taken to hiding things and putting them where LM can’t reach. We inadvertantly started this as there are some toys that are too small for LM, who puts everything in her mouth still, and those things must be kept out of her reach. Now though it is whatever he doesn’t want her to play with. They also of course both always want what the other one is playing happily with. They just can’t leave each other alone, they have to have what the other has, or join in the game too.

This doesn’t just go for toys as it extends to me too. One of Monkey’s favourite phrases right now is “but I want you” even when I am standing or sat next to him. He wants my attention constantly… and so does she. You can guarantee that if Monkey climbs on my lap for a cuddle, that within seconds LM is running over screaming and clawing at us to get him off and sit in his place. No matter how happy she was with whatever she was doing at the time. She is the same if hubs is giving me a cuddle, screaming and insisting she gets on on the cuddle action.

There are so many times at the moment where I am purely a human climbing frame as if I sit down for a minute I will without doubt have two children who must suddenly be clambering all over me. Don’t get me wrong the cuddles are lovely and it is nice to be so wanted…. but it is blimmin exhausting too. It would also be nicer if either of them would actually sit still and cuddle for a few minutes.. but instead I get bums in my face, elbows in ribs, my shins being stood on (er ouch), nose yanked, hair pulled…. you get the idea, it’s not relaxing!

Mummy climbing frame

I know it is inevitable and part of their growing relationship and they do have some lovely moments too where they show how much they love each other. Like when Monkey copied Daddy and took over the tickling of LM.


And when they were sat in a box together…WP_20151030_11_29_52_Pro

And when they were snuggling up on the sofa together.


LM still worships the ground her brother walks on (unless he is sat on my lap) and wants to be wherever he is (which doesn’t always go down too well with him). If he is laughing, she will laugh too, when he is happy, she is happy, and sadly sometimes when he is screaming, it sets her off too.

So although it is challenging at the moment I love watching the way their relationship is growing and changing.

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12 thoughts on “Siblings November 2015

  1. Oh I remember days like this, it can be so exhausting and frustrating, but it does get better I promise. It is all part of growing up with a sibling, they are learning so much from this interaction. Enjoy the nice moments where everyone happily plays together. x

  2. Ah, the sofa snuggles are adorable! We don’t get this too much, but when we do I tend to step in before it gets crazy! I’m very fortunate that my eldest is very even-tempered and tolerant of her brother, and often think that if we’d had them the other way round it would have been a lot tougher! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. So flipping cute when they are cuddling up but I did giggle at the pics of them all over you! What it must be like to be in demand eh? I guess like anything else it is just a phase but so annoying (and lovely too) xx #wotw

  4. Aww! Bless them….They are so adorable, obviously not when they’re bickering. It sounds exhausting….I remember the jealousy with my two. It gets easier but they still have their moments! x

  5. I must admit we get a lot of territory marking around Mummy too! If one is sitting with me then the other two have to come and find some space too which just leads to me getting elbowed and prodded.

  6. Totally relate to this playing with toys issues. As my son (Little Brother) is able to stand to reach and grab toys easier, my daughter has been not very happy about it. There is lots of “get away” and trying to scare him off. They also have their moments of playing so sweetly. I am sure the relationship with keep evolving. Best wishes! #siblings

  7. I sometimes think these everyday moments – which feel so hard at the time – are the ones we will actually miss the most! I totally get what you mean about being a human climbing frame… but the time will come when they won’t want to be physically close to you, and these photos and words will be so precious then. #maternitymondays

  8. We are living parallel lives you and I. Except here, there are never any sibling cuddles. Ever. At best he is just accepted, begrudgingly haha. Her playing hard to get just makes poor G try harder.
    Maybe we should invest in a whistle each and red cards 😉
    A lovely read as always xx

  9. Some lovely pictures of them together at the end there, they are obviously close. Some days can be so hard and demanding when you are a mum especially when you are a human climbing frame. We are in the clingy baby stage still but the other two are not too bothered that I always have him in my arms, they are usually too busy bickering anyway! #maternitymondays

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