Chasing Bubbles and Collecting Conkers

WP_20140926_11_27_53_ProI love Autumn. I love all the colours and the crisp autumn air. It is particularly lovely with the warm weather lately in that there are gorgeous blue skies and a bit of warmth in the sun to go with all of this. At 8 months pregnant I am not getting out to enjoy the autumn as much as I would normally and it has been bugging me.

So, one day last week Monkey and I went for a little Autumn walk and it was just lovely. Monkey loves going for a walk but I do try and take a couple of things to entertain him while we are out, and one of the best things is a big bubble wand. Aren’t these things just fabulous inventions? Just a wave around and you get some gorgeous big bubbles. With some cheap bubble liquid from the garden centre they are refillable too so we keep refilling and using it.

Monkey loves bubbles (as do most little ones I am sure) and adores chasing them around! He had so much fun running after them, trying to catch them and pop them. So cute to hear him talking to them and about them too “More Bubbah” “Too high” “can’t get” “Come back!”


He always likes to have a go at making the bubbles himself too, sometimes with more success than others! I was quite impressed though as he usually ends up shaking the bottle around too and spilling the liquid, but he managed to keep the bottle still this time and actually didn’t spill any on the whole trip! Well done Monkey!

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While we were out I thought we would have a look and see if we could find some conkers. I grew up in this area and know where some good horse chestnut trees are (right by my old house in fact!), but I always remember struggling to find many conkers as it always seemed that other kids had got there first, so I wasn’t sure if we would find any. We were in luck though, as there was LOADS! (Apparently it is a bumper year for them this year?)

Monkey loved collecting conkers and had so much fun looking for them and gathering them up in the bag. It was just lovely and relaxed and it is so beautiful with all the leaves changing colours and lovely blue sky, we were there for a while! Pretty soon though the bag started to feel heavy so it was time to head home again, with lots more bubble blowing on the way.

WP_20140926_11_05_52_Pro WP_20140926_10_46_17_Pro WP_20140926_10_52_33_Pro WP_20140926_10_49_56_Pro

When we got home we checked out our haul, I knew we had collected quite a few conkers but I was surprised to see quite how many we brought home! There are loads! Plus one or two other things that justΒ had to come with us πŸ™‚


So now we need to get cracking with some conker crafts! thankfully I have seen lots of fab ideas from other bloggers already! πŸ™‚ There will no doubt be some conker craft posts of my own to follow πŸ˜‰


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55 thoughts on “Chasing Bubbles and Collecting Conkers

  1. This lovely weather we have been having has been so perfect for nature hunts and autumn walks. some great colours in your photos and Monkey looks a firm fan of conker hunting. I look forward to seeing your crafts too and thankyou for linking to Country Kids.

  2. What a wonderful walk, bubbles and conkers, two of my favourite things! Lovely seeing him chase around after the bubbles. Good luck with the conker crafts, I look forward to reading about what you get up to. x

  3. Lovely pictures and quite a haul of conkers you have there. I had an argument with my husband in the forest about what tree conkers came from last week (I was right-naturally) #familyfriday

  4. Bubbles and conkers sounds like the perfect afternoon, and you have a seriously impressive haul of conkers – I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with to do with them, other than just putting them in a pot and stroking them of course (which is what my Elma likes to do!)

    • thanks hon we really did, I am so impressed with how many we found! he loved it too which is the most important thing! xx

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Bubbles are brilliant, especially those that create the really big ones! I know my stepdaughter absolutely loves them.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you make of the conkers – I have not seen that many posts (though I am sure they are out there) and am looking out for things to do with the ones that are falling from the big chestnut tree on our street!

    Emma |

    • Thanks we really did have a lot of fun! I’ve seen a few which have thankfully given me some ideas, but w shall be sharing our ideas soon! xx

  6. Hello there, that’s great-I love the autumn too and we have been out and about quite a bit with the mild weather. Little man did some painting with conkers at nursery last week but we haven’t attempted it at home yet-looking forward to seeing your ideas! x #magicmoments

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  8. Love the photo of him standing next to the enormous tree, he looks so cool and collected but so tiny as well. And that is a series conker collection!

    NIpping over from Country Kids.

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