No more excuses

At the beginning of the year I wrote about how it was time to make time for me. To take a bit better care of myself, to lose weight and basically find some me time. We are now nearly a quarter way through the year (bonkers eh?) and it is safe to say that is not happening at the moment. With Monkey and mostly baby LM, I am continually pushing myelf to the bottom of the priority list.

The diet has stopped as I have been too tired, too poorly, too busy, etc. etc. I don’t like the way I look in most of my clothes as I am larger than I want to be and I don’t want to buy new clothes because the truth is I won’t be happy whatever clothes I am in as I know I am bigger than I want to be. I am lazy and I am making excuses not to look after myself. I only wash my hair a couple of times a week and because I can’t always be bothered to detangle the frizz it very often gets scraped into a bun and stays that way until I next decide it looks too greasy to be acceptable. Some days I don’t even straighten my fringe as if I know I am not going anywhere then who cares whether my fringe is all kinky and sticking out. Well, I should, I think.

It’s not just me, hubs is the same. He let his hair and beard get so long he was looking a bit scruffy (sorry hubs but you know you were) and he hasn’t been to the gym or cycled to work in ages. We put the kids needs above our own (of course) and in our free time prioritise jobs around the house (and I do prioritise the blog too) over taking time out for ourselves and making even a little bit of effort over how we look and feel.

We convince each other that it is ok too, we buy crisps and chocolate and bad things and tell each other we deserve it, that it’s temporary because we are going through a hard time. That it doesn’t matter. But the truth is, it does matter. We matter. Making time to feel good about ourselves does matter! I am feeling so low so much of the time and I think it’s all a symptom of the same thing. Yes babies are hard work and yes I am tired all of the time but I am dragging myself down instead of lifting myself up. If that makes any sense?


So, together, hubs and I are refocusing on the diet. He doesn’t need to lose as much weight as I do but some of his clothes are getting tight and it’s more about our frame of mind and we need to support each other through this. We need to encourage each other to look after ourselves. We usually take it in turns to do the 530am start with LM (yawn) but at the weekend we got up together so that hubs could cut his hair and beard before Monkey got up and the day fully started.

On Monday we started counting our WW points again. Just to remind ourselves what we are putting in to our bodies and also, hopefully, to lose some weight. There are no excuses this time. I have had a couple of difficult days this week where LM’s screaming has dragged me down and I have been a mess at times. But I haven’t given in. I am a huge comfort eater but I need to remember that it doesn’t solve anything and while it may make me feel better in the uber short term, longer term it does not help because I don’t like the way I look or feel.

I will never be skinny but I want to be me-sized rather than big for me-sized. I don’t want to feel so wobbly and squeezed into clothes and I don’t want to buy bigger clothes as they will just be masking the wobbles and I know I still won’t be happy.

We have a goal in mind too. It is my birthday at the end of April and at the beginning of May we have arranged a babysitter (thanks Mum) so that hubs and I can go outĀ togetherĀ with a group of our friends. It will be the first time since the wedding in August, I think, that we have had time out of the house as a couple without the kids and will do us both some good to be out with friends and out with each other. So the goal is that by then we are looking and feeling better about ourselves.

LM getting into a routine would undoubtedly make this task a lot easier, but (while I am still going to keep trying to get her into one) I am not going to use her lack of a routine as an excuse for eating rubbish and looking and feeling rubbish anymore. No more excuses.

Starting weight is 13st and I am aiming for 11 1/2 st, but as I have said before it is more about how my clothes fit than what the scales say.

Wish me luck!

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30 thoughts on “No more excuses

  1. Good luck guys! I know what you mean about comfort eating – I’ve been doing it all winter long and I always see April as second chance month – so I salute your positive mental attitude towards it! Xx

    • Thanks lovely, I do think that moving into spring does have something to do with this too, can’t hide in baggy jumpers anymore! Xx

  2. Yep i know exactly how you feel, tough day with baby means i feel that i deserve those extra biscuits! It makes those 5-10mins feel good, but after that ypu feel shit, especially if you have to squeeze into jeans. Good luck, its hard work but worth it x

  3. Hubby and I tend to always get up together. It’s just nice to support each other with breakfast and playing with the monster. Good luck though. Keep riding the motivation and positive thinking!!! xxx #WOTW

    • Thanks hon, we always did with Monkey but as she’s up at 4 some days we take it in turns to grab a little extra sleep! Yep we are more focussed this time so fingers crosses! X

  4. Wishing you both luck! It is easy to get into a rut with these things and blame other issues. I’m trying to watch what I’m eating more, and like you, it’s about making my clothes feel more comfy, too. Hope you reach your goal x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. It’s soon hard to eat well when you’re exhausted and your baby is crying a lot. Good for you making the decision to focus on yourself – I’m sure with the support of each other, your healthier eating plan will go well. But don’t beat yourself up if you have a lapse, life with two little ones is tough! Best of luck. x

  6. My OH and I have got exactly the same as you with the bad eating habits and getting lazy, I’m inspired by you both though. You’re doing fantastic so far sticking to it, well done x #WotW

  7. Awww good luck you! I am starting it too and I am so happy that I am sorta sticking to exercises even its hard to squeeze in my sched! Good luck to us! We have the same goal. Not weighing myself too and I just want to wear old clothes again =) #wotw

  8. I could have written this post, even down to the weight! I think with the second child it does take a little longer to feel back on track. I’m only now starting to feel like I have time to work on me and Little E will be nine months soon.I wish you lots of luck to reaching your goal x

  9. I think it’s lovely that you are doing this together and will be there to support each other and give a little slap on the wrist if either of you get tempted to fall into bad habits. Wishing you both good luck!

  10. I know what you mean about excuses, I’m terrible for making them but also reached the point (two weeks ago) where I said enough is enough and I need to lose weight – not just for me but for Oliver too, hes 2 years old and full of energy and if I’m not healthy I can’t keep up with him.

    Good luck with your weightloss journey, keep faith in yourself and remember the excuses to lose weight rather than not to #weightlosswednesday

  11. It’s great to have a goal in mind, it will spur you both on and it’s a month till your birthday – you can do it! I know what you mean when you have a tough day though, I too find it very easy to reach for the comfort food to get me though. It’s a battle of wills to move past that and carry on but WW will get you on the right track! Keep us updated on your progress and thank you so much for joining in with #WeightLossWednesday! Sim x

  12. It’s nice that your husband will be dieting with you. Good luck! I have just started on my healthy eating/exercise regime with my birthday as the goal date. But it’s not til August as I have loads to go. #weightlosswednesday

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