Baby Brain at 30 wks & Bump goes to a wedding!

30 weeks pregnant. Wowzers, when you put it like that it is a little scary! I swear I was only just 20 weeks?? Blimey! So what is going on? I’m not sure I can even remember because Baby Brain is well and truly here. I am forgetting all sorts of things that I really shouldn’t be forgetting. I am getting names and dates muddled. I am committing to things, forgetting we already have things planned. I ordered shopping to come on Thursday night so my Parents and Leo would have food over the weekend while Hubby and I were away but somehow ordered it for the wrong week. Meaning hubby had to go out Thursday night and buy everything instead (on top of doing a load of other things to prepare for leaving at 8am the next morning to get to a wedding). When I do do the food ordering for the right day I also manage to forget key ingredients. Like cheese for a cheesy pasta, or half of the vegetables for making veggie burgers. I am just not getting things right. I am behind on writing my blog, reading and commenting on other lovely blogs and replying to comments on here – so for that I do apologise. I am going to try really hard to catch up this week. We have had a lot going on to be fair which I guess maybe accounts for some of this, but for the most part I am definitely blaming Baby Brain – it’s either that or I am definitely losing my marbles! I actually just read something really interesting this evening though, and that is that our brains actually shrink during the latter stages of pregnancy. They then increase again in the weeks and months post birth. That’s a bit bonkers really isn’t it? All the things that pregnancy does to us! Good to know there is at least a scientific reason for my forgetfulness and general lack of mental agility at the moment, makes me feel a tiny bit better about it but I am looking forward to my brain getting back to normal once baba is here. The big news for us at the moment is that we went to a very lovely wedding on Friday. Two very good friends of ours, who we actually introduced at a beer fest 3 years ago. We thought they would be great together and somehow miraculously we were right and in fact they are perfect for each other. The wedding was a good few hours away in Hereford but even despite my massiveness it was not one to be missed! We arranged for the grandparents to babysit and we headed off (I will write more about how Monkey fared in a later post :)). I blogged previously about choosing my dress and this lovely number didn’t let me down. I still felt huge but at least I felt good about myself and how I looked. Something that is not always easy at 7 months pregnant!Β The wedding itself was wonderful, thankfully the weather turned lovely right at the last minute for their gorgeous outdoor ceremony and there was a lovely garden party feel to the whole day. The great thing about this was that it meant I could sit down a lot, which I really needed! pg 20 a We had some great friends there with us and a lot of fun was had. I managed to stay until after 10pm which is hardly rock and roll but I was dead pleased I lasted that long. The downside is that I have been seriously tired, sore and therefore grumpy for the rest of the weekend (poor hubs!). Thankfully with the bank holiday I have had Hubby’s help with monkey and the house and catching up with everything. He really has been wonderful and I don’t know what I would have done without him! I am hoping for a calmer week this week to catch up on everything and hopefully get this baby brain functioning a bit better than it has of late!

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39 thoughts on “Baby Brain at 30 wks & Bump goes to a wedding!

  1. You look stunning! Blooming in fact! Lovely story about your friends and how they met, well done you! πŸ™‚

    As for forgetting things in pregnancy, oh I can definitely remember that! I also seem to remember being incredibly clumsy too…

    X #AllAboutYou

    • Thank you, we definitely like taking credit for that one! πŸ™‚ Ooh yes, clumsy, forgetful, it’s all so much fun! xx

    • I know, we are pretty proud of that! It was really lovely to get away and relax with friends without Monkey for a change! xx

  2. Baby brain is a crazy thing that seems to hit at all the wrong times. You looked stunning at the wedding, I wish I looked like that in my pregnancies. I was bloated all over and never got that ‘blooming’ look.

    Lovely post xx


    Heledd xx Also coming to terms with becoming a SAHM!

    • Oh I know it is driving me a bit crazy! Thhank you, I am definitely not as big all over as i was in my last pregnancy, but I do still feel huge so thank you! xx

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  4. Oh gosh I’m with u on the baby brain! I often just stand in the kitchen with no clue as to what to cook or how to cook it! It’s such a bizarre thing isn’t! Glad you had a fab time at the wedding! One of my besties is getting married in Dec so I’ll be pretty huge! I’m sure I’ll be fine for the day- it’s the 3-4hr drive to get there I’m dreading!!! Xx

    • Well I am glad it’s not just me, so frustrating though!! Thanks it really was lovely, yeah the car journey will be your enemy I’m afraid, try and allow time for stops to walk around a bit! xx

  5. True that baby brain sucks but just look at your pregnancy glow. So I think it balances the baby brain =) I suddenly miss my curves when I was pregnant after seeing your photos! I have a weird body. Boy like but when I got pregnant, its the first time that I felt like a real woman. But now I am back to boy like body =P #pocolo

  6. 10pm? That’s better than I manage and I’m not pregnant πŸ˜‰ sounds like you had a fab time hon. You look amazing, absolutely glowing… baby brain gets to us all, don’t worry about it my lovely xxx

  7. Ah what lovely photos- you look fab! And yes I am with you on the baby brain. It actually exists. We are just so crammed full of new stuff that the little things just have to give way! πŸ˜€ xx x

  8. ugh, baby-brain; I fear I may still have it! Love your pictures, and you look so happy with a really beautiful smile! Hope time continues to fly by for you, and thanks so much lovely for linking up to All About You – so sorry that I am late on commenting! xx

  9. Love your wedding dress (as in … dress for the wedding … not wedding dress obviously). Having a bump at a wedding turns you into a mini celebrity too!

    With you on the pregnancy brain. Am hoping now our little one is finally here that my brain starts to come back. No sign yet … πŸ™‚

    • haha thank you, it really does, I was really pleased with my dress though. haha I wish it was instantaneous when little one arrives but it definitely takes time and is just so annoying!! xx

  10. I hear you on the baby brain front. In fact, I’ve been finding work really hard because of it! It seems to take me longer to do things and when I write a sentence and read it back it doesn’t even make sense. I’m also properly clumsy at the moment which is… annoying. Gotta love pregnancy! Thank you for linking up to #blogbumpclub again! x

    • Oh I bet, so much harder, I am nowhere near as on top of my blog as usual either, my brain just cant quite seem to hack it! oh the joys eh? xx

  11. 30 weeks wow! it really is flying. I feel like you only just announced it. lol You looked stunning at the wedding. The dress suited you perfectly. Glad you had a great time. Don’t worry about the blog commenting and answering your comments we all know you are busy preparing for another baby and taking care of a tot etc. We love you and still will be here again week after week. I got really stressed about keeping up when I went to america for two months but noticed a lot of people take this time off anyways. Too funny about the tesco shopping ( not funny to you) but I have done this several times while prego so it s defo just the baby brain thing. hahaha Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round! #sharewithme

    • Thank you lovley and good to know, some days I manage fine, others I just have no energy to do anything and then have to find time to catch up! xx

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  13. Im really suffering from baby brain, its quite infuriating at times! I also wore a Tiffany Rose dress to a wedding last week, 32 weeks. They are amazing xx

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