Family Fun at the Burghley Film Festival 2014

Not too far away from us is the very grand Burghley House, a beautiful Elizabethan house in amazing grounds. Every year they hold an outdoor film festival and last year we went for the first time. During the day they show family films and then have an evening session with more adult films. After loving it last year we decided well in advance that we wanted to go again this year, and invited some of our family to come along too!

This year we went to see ‘Epic’ which is a film I hadn’t seen before, but in all honesty, with a toddler and other kiddies in the family we only really get to see snippets of the film, as the day is more about running around and having fun!

After a glorious sunny week the forecast for that Saturday was pouring rain, but having already bought our tickets we decided to be optimistic. It got off to a gloomy start, sat in the car park waiting for some rain to pass, and realising I had left our big brolly by the front door, d’oh! Thankfully we did have our waterproofs though πŸ™‚

wet start to the day

Thankfully it didn’t stay wet too long but we headed for the one tree in the area for cover in case of more rain, and also for shadeΒ ifΒ the sun should make an appearance! Monkey enjoyed running up and down the little hill with Daddy before the rest of the our party made an appearance.

There was quite a group of us in the end, with my Mum and Step-Dad, my Auntie, my little bro and his girlfriend, my Step-Sister and her boyfriend with his 3 kids, plus us 3! We all brought different bits of food and had a lovely picnic, and thankfully the sun came out and the rain stayed away for the rest of the morning.

lovely picnic

My step-sister’s partner brought some bubbles for their 3 girls, and for Monkey, and the 4 of them (plus all the grown ups let’s be honest!) had a whale of a time chasing bubbles around.


There was some playing with the ball..


… until it got lost in a big hedge! Despite everyone searching for it we never did find it! Never mind though was funny seeing everyone looking for it!


It was a lovely, fun day full of silliness and smiles, which is just the best kind of day isn’t it?

silliness and smiles

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29 thoughts on “Family Fun at the Burghley Film Festival 2014

  1. Oh lovely! Looks like you had a fab old time. I love outdoor fun with the family. It makes me smile. Especially if my Dad gets a little bit tipsy on Pimms. Always a laugh. Glad you had lots of fun xxx

    • haha I bet that is a good laugh, I love good old fashioned outdoor fun with the family too, it’s just lovely πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Sounds like a great day out, though I must admit it was the photo of everyone searching in a bush that made me giggle like a schoolgirl lol. Thanks for linking up #FamilyFriday.

  3. Sounds like great fun, I’m glad the weather picked up. They are having a Frozen outdoor picnic film event at our local country estate soon and we are debating going #familyfriday

  4. I’m so glad the weather improved for you all! What a lovely event, even better with family – a full day of outdoor fun together in great surroundings. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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