Little Miss at 7 months

Another month has gone by, it is amazing how quick they are flying, and how big LM is getting now! She is so lively and inquisitive and though still hard work at times, we are getting to the fun stage of playing and her being able to entertain herself a little, even briefly! I’m obviously biased but she is just gorgeous too 🙂

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The biggest development this month has to be that she is now sitting and is much more stable. She still topples occasionally (as she did a couple of days ago, boinking her head on the floor, making me feel like a terrible mummy) but for the most part we surround her with cushions to help her and then she can sit happily for ages. It makes her feel much less like a tiny ‘baby’ it really does.

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She is so fascinated by the world around her and while most things still end up in her mouth, she will sit and inspect things too. Anything within reach, even a pack of baby wipes, is intriguing to her! She was sat in the conservatory the other day and she was absolutely mesmerised by the trees outside, and when we got caught in the rain on a playgroup run she was absolutely fascinated by the water droplets on the rain cover on the buggy.

The less positive big change this month is the return of her reflux which regular readers will know has been causing me some problems. The gaviscon we had left over from the last time helped the reflux but made her horribly constipated, poor thing, but the Dr really didn’t want to try anything else. Giving us the ‘they’re not constipated unless they haven’t pooed for 3 days’ line and telling us to give her plenty of fluids. A bit of pushy parent persuasion later and she finally agreed to trying ranitidine (she insisted that the side effects are the same but I thought it was surely worth a try). And whaddaya know, no reflux and no constipation (touch wood)!

So we shall see what happens with that. We are moving forward with her weaning and doing a combined purée and baby-led approach. I know many BL weaners will argue that it isn’t babyled if you are doing it this way, but as with anything I think different things work for different babies and parents and this seems to work for us. She is hungry so often needs some purée in her tummy so she doesn’t get frustrated but then loves picking up the finger food and figuring out how to eat it, and she is so good at chewing already too.

She still adores her brother and beams as soon as she sees him. He makes her laugh much more than we do and he doesn’t even have to try!


She loves being in her walker, scooting about the house, following her big brother and just having a bit of freedom to move I think. Plus I’m convinced that it is helping her tummy s she has even pooed in her nappy a few times now, which is very unusual for us (yes, odd I know, she prefers to do it with her nappy off!).

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She’s awake for longer and longer periods now and I am hoping she will settle into a two nap routine with the way things are going at the moment… but it is too soon to tell and she has a bit of a cold at the mo which is affecting her sleep too.. so we shall see I think! Fingers crossed though as that would be amazing!

A few other random bits, her second tooth is well on the way now, she hates having her feet touch grass (and lifts her legs if you try and put her feet down which I think is really amusing), and I swear she is the loudest baby on the planet when she starts chatting away or moaning. Honestly, she likes to make herself heard! I carry her around on my hip a lot and sounds weird but I almost forget she is there if I am talking to someone else, so she has learnt to make her presence felt by joining in with the conversation!

I think that is about everything I cna think of.. I havent had her weighed yet this month, I was going to go on Thurs but Monkey was so so poorly it wasn’t an option!

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21 thoughts on “Little Miss at 7 months

  1. Aww bless her she’s so cute. I love the walker pics they pick up some speed on smooth flooring don’t they?!!

    I think it is the most amazing thing seeing babies find EVERYTHING amazing, even their hands. Such a magic time. I’d love to squeeze those cheeks xx

  2. Ahhh! She looks so happy now Caroline – I think you are rapidly approaching the ‘golden’ bit! So glad to hear that the ranitidine is doing the trick and that her little personality is coming out in full force! I completely agree with you on the mixed feeding too – it worked really well for me with EJ and its good to know that you have managed to find things to give her for finger foods. ‘Baby led’ is just a label – you do it your way. Xx #ordinarymoments

  3. Aww she is just adorable, and starting to look so like her brother! I’m really glad you’ve managed to sort out the reflux, poor girl must have been miserable with it.

  4. How adorable!
    We did combined weaning. It was so much easier. We knew she was getting enough food with the purees & yet she could explore with different textures/finger foods at her leisure. 🙂
    She is so sweet bombing around in her little walker.
    It’s great that she gets on so well with her brother & amazing that she’s so strong in sitting up. 😀
    I do miss these months when they can’t quite crawl. It makes making a cup of tea so much easier. 😀

  5. Aww she is so gorgeous and I loved looking at pictures of her. She sounds like such a little person now with her own likes and interests. I’m so glad you perservered at the docs and got the ranitidine. Made such a difference you all. Hope you are all on the mend too. Lots love xx #maternitymondays

  6. She looks like such a happy baby! We too did a combination of puree & BLW, it’s whatever works for you. If we only did BLW then Archie just wouldn’t hve had enough food as he has real issues around textures #MaternityMondays

  7. What a happy little girl she looks now Caroline! I don’t agree with being entirely blw or traditional, I think everyone is a little different. Plus entirely blw means no pre-loading spoons so if anyone says anything to you about it tell them they probably aren’t totally baby led either!! #MaternityMondaysxx

  8. I don’t think you’re biased, she is very cute 🙂 and her curiosity is so charming, it must be lovely to watch her. Z had reflux and it was horrid. I hope you manage to find something to make it easier for her. I found his eased off once he started weaning and I think it was gone around the 11 month mark.

  9. I did a mixture of baby led weaning and puree’s and it worked fine for us, like you say it’s personal choice and what works for one might not work for another. She sounds like she is doing great 🙂

    Helen – #maternitymondays

  10. These photos are gorgeous Caroline, she looks like such a happy baby and I can’t believe she is seven months already! She’s beautiful, I think she is just coming into one of my favourite ages I had with my two! Such a fun age. x

  11. She is growing up SO quickly, and what a beautiful little girl she is. I think they always end up so pleased with themselves when they can finally sit up and see what’s going on around them rather than staring at a wall, floor, or ceiling! She’ll soon have you running around after her, though maybe not on the grass hehe. I remember Toby doing that.. maybe it’s because it tickles their feet? #maternitymondays x

  12. She is so cute and reminds me so much of Little E. We are trying a bit of both with the weaning, I still don’t get baby led but she is trying things that I am brave enough to offer. I love all the photos, she looks so much like her brother x

  13. Lovely pictures and the concentration on her face when she’s looking at the baby wipes packet. It’s “can I? Should I?” love it!
    I know I say this every time but she is growing up so fast! It’s lovely to see the bond between her and her brother.
    Glad the reflux is getting better too.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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