My Crochet Cushion finally completed!

I haven’t blogged about anything crochet related for a while now. Mainly because I have been working on a big-ish project, a lovely rainbow cushion! I got the pattern from my mother-in-law ages ago but it took me a while to get round to it, as I was busy with my Granny Square Blanket and then I did some cute Christmas Crochet Creatures. Come January though it was time to get cracking.

Rather than buy the colours listed in the patterns I decided to use up what wool I could from my bag as I have lots of part used balls leftover. I am a bit OCD about colours and like them to be in spectrum order – I don’t know why particularly but we have some colourful mugs and they HAVE to be on the mug rack in spectrum order. Weird I know!

So these are the colours I got cracking with.


It started off well enough as it was quite small, I made a big mistake somewhere on the first side of the cushion but thought I had rectified it enough (turns out I hadn’t but i will come back to that later!). In the pattern the reverse of the cushion doesn’t have frilly edges like the front, but hubby and I had a chat and decided we’d quite like the cushion to be the same on both sides.

WP_20140116_20_45_10_Pro WP_20140121_19_06_08_Pro

As I mentioned, it starts off quite easily but as it gets bigger, and the rounds get longer, it starts to take a lot longer to finish a row, and, well get s a bit repetitive and dull. I have now well and truly decided that I am better off with smaller projects. I just don’t have the patience to work on big things. Much as i love the way they look, I get so bored and then can’t be bothered to crochet in the evenings and it takes months for me to finish it as a result. It’s a hobby I have really been enjoying but I really don’t enjoy the big projects quite as much. Which is a shame, as I think the blankets and cushions look so lovely when they are finished.


Anyway, it has taken me a while but I got to a point where both sides of the cushion were progressing nicely… then I compared them and realised that the side which I made a mistake on earlier was actually quite a bit smaller than the second side. boooo. It’s not the end of the world, it’s only about a round smaller, but that was a little demoralising and led to the cushion being put to one side again for a couple of weeks…. honestly I can be such an ostrich, I totally bury my head in the sand and ignore problems sometimes! Which isn’t the best idea!


I eventually picked it up again, determined to actually get it finished and knew I just needed an extra row of trebles on the smaller side. I would have dine it in the same dark purple as the final rows… except for the fact that I ran out, I literally only just had enough to actually complete the final row of frills as it was (And that was doing a stitch less in some of the petals on that row) oops! So I had to use lilac for the joining row.


But you know what, I am proud that I have finally finished it and it doesn’t look toooo bad!


So that’s my creative challenge for this week (which has taken me months!) what’s yours?

Creative Challenge

23 thoughts on “My Crochet Cushion finally completed!

  1. That’s fab Caroline! The picture of the mismatched halves made me think of two slightly mismatched boobs (which is perfectly normal…right?!) seriously though you have once again managed to complete an entire project in the time its taken me to just contemplate learning how to crochet so well done – its lovely! X

    • Thank you! haha they do look like mismatched boobs…. kind of hahaha πŸ™‚ Thank you, I am chuffed with it, it is hard to find the time though so don’t be hard on yourself! xx

  2. I love it. I been contemplating on buying some supplies to venture into a project (granny squares) but i am doing so m uch stuff lately that I dont want to start another one. But ijust need to finish this and I promise myself that I will do crochet craft! Your project is so good!

    • Thank you, the granny squares is beautiful but oh it takes ages, longer than I was prepared for so be aware of that! I’m sure you’ll do great though, I am just way too impatient for big projects! xx

    • Thank you, I’m not exactly perfect at it and make lots of mistakes but thankfully crochet is very forgiving! xx

    • Thank you, I wish I made less mistakes along the way and was less impatient, but like you say, at least i got there in the end! xx

    • Thank you! It’s actually a lot simpler than I ever thought it was, and it is very forgiving as if you go wrong you can just unpick it! Very handy! xx

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